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Meet the Joiners

photo courtesy of Stacy Reeves

Brian and Amanda are a couple of crazy kids (ok, 30-year-olds) that live in the suburbs of Houston, Texas.

Brian is a youth-pastor-turned-financial-analyst who enjoys video games, food, and all things sports-related. Disturbing interesting fact: he likes the smell of skunks.

Amanda (aka: the voice of this blog) works in Human Resources and is fueled by Dairy Queen blizzards, blogging, and correcting other people's grammar. Fair warning: she has a look-alike, which can sometimes be confusing but also very amusing.

(Yep, we always look this fancy. And hungry.)

photo courtesy of Stacy Reeves

The Joiners got hitched back in 2007 and after enduring 3 years on the roller coaster ride that is infertility, they were blessed with fraternal twins (alternatively known as the cutest babies on the planet), Colby and Clara, in 2013. 

photo courtesy of Little Lamb Photography

The other two members of the Joiner family are Noah, a Siberian husky mix rescued from the SPCA, and Buster, a dachshund/basset hound mix rescued from the dumpster at our old church. They are a constant source of entertainment and quite possibly the most well-behaved dogs that ever lived... no lie.

And with that, you have (in a nutshell) met the Joiners. We love to laugh and to make other people laugh, so hopefully this blog will do just that!

(Oh, and PS- We have imaginary friends. A lot of them.)


  1. P.S. Amanda has an awesome twin sister.

  2. You should update this now as the most important thing is that you're both thirty! (I think.)

    Oh, and you know, Colby and Clara are here :)

  3. Your twins are so cute!!! Always love connecting with twin mommas, especially here in Houston. Funny that you recognized me from the HMB blog - always wonder if anyone reads anything I write, haha! Are you on IG - I don't blog much on my personal blog since HMB but I'm on IG often. Would love to connect!