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25 before 33

As part of a weekly writing challenge I'm participating in, I had to list 25 things I wanted to do before my next birthday (turning 33 in May 2016). Even though I told you all it was pretty unlikely that I'll complete all of the items on the list, I figured I'd create a little added accountability by keeping track of my progress here. Enjoy!

1. Have family pictures taken by a paid photographer.
(Sort of) knocked this one out in May 2016!

2. Go to a Girls' Night Out movie (still haven't checked this one off the new year's non-resolution list, but the September, October, and November options look promising!).
Went to see You've Got Mail with Allison and Brittnie on 11/11/15!

3. Take a child-free vacation with Brian (plans currently pending for a trip to Charleston in the Fall!).
Though it was mostly rained out, we did take that trip to Charleston!

4. Run in a 5K.
Ran in the Sprint for Life 5K on 5/7/16.

5. Get a basic physical (also still not checked off my non-resolution list).
Checked this one off the list on 8/19/15, routine blood work and all!

6. Do a blog giveaway.
Gave away a DQ gift card in April 2016.

7. Host (or co-host) a "favorite things" party (my friend, Kristen, did this a couple of years ago and it was really fun!).
Allison and I did this with a few friends in October and it was a success!

8. Take a day off of work for myself (... and try to resist the pressure to spend the whole day being productive).
Allison and I took a day off to go shopping in September 2015 and I took the first full sick day since before the twins were born in April 2016... surely one of those should count?

9. Potty train the twins (I don't so much want to do this as I feel obligated to do this.).
Kicked this off on New Year's weekend- hallelujah!

10. Buy a meal for a stranger (or group of strangers).
Bought dinner for some folks at Freebirds in May

11. Sleep in. Just once.
Though I didn't actually sleep late, I did get 18 glorious hours of interrupted sleep in 2 nights during our girls' trip to Dallas in January, so I'm counting it. Sadly, don't think my body is any longer capable of sleeping past 8 am, regardless of the circumstances.

12. Take a trip back to College Station.

13. Eat a meal from a food truck.
Enjoyed lunch from The Waffle Bus at the Sugar Land Kite Festival in February!

14. Take a girls' trip (even if it's just with Allison).
Allison and I made a weekend trip to Dallas in January, sans husbands and children!

15. Take a class at Painting with a Twist.

16. Try out Stitch Fix (I really, really want to, but I am also really, really frugal, so I'm having a hard time committing!)
Brian gifted me a subscription for Christmas and I got my first "fix" in January!

17. Try a new restaurant.
Finally visited Torchy's on July 18 (and it was delish)!

18. Go to Zoo Lights at the Houston Zoo.
Technically did not happen, but we did go to Sugar Land Holiday Lights which is a similar concept (minus the lack of live animals), so I'm going to count it.

19. Have my makeup done by a professional.

20. Take a solo outing with Colby.
I took him out on a double dinner date with Allison and Davis in March!

21. Take a solo outing with Clara.
We had a girls' morning complete with breakfast, Target, and nail-painting!

22. Read one non-fiction book. (Suggestions?)
Our small group read Before Amen by Max Lucado.

23. Watch "Moms' Night Out."
Rented it in July 2015

24. See Taylor Swift in concert. (Oh, wow, what a coincidence - Allison and I have tickets to go see her in October, thanks to our thoughtful husbands!)
Concert was rescheduled for September and it was magical!

25. Become informed about/select a presidential candidate to support. (Yep, saved the most boring one for last.)
I did some research, took this quiz, watched several debates, and even voted in the primaries. Sadly, my chosen candidate dropped out of the race, so it sounds like I'm going to be stuck choosing between what is essentially a rock and a hard place come November.

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