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Friday, September 28, 2018

Day in the Life - Part-time Working Mom Edition

6 am: Time to rise and shine! This is 45 minutes later than I used to wake up and I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate those extra 45 minutes of sleep.

I wake up early enough to do a 30-minute workout. Some days I run, some days I do workout videos from fitnessblender, some days I do Pinterest workout routines, and some days, like this one, I'm feeling lazy and I just walk in place/stretch while watching the news. 

6:30-6:55 am: Shower and start getting ready for the day. (Brian leaves the house at 6:45 am for work, which allows him to get home a little earlier in the evenings!) I know you're dying for me to do a makeup tutorial since clearly I am a beauty blogger in the making, but that will have to wait for another day. I will say my favorite makeup item is this Tarte tinted BB cream.

6:55-7:10 am: Eat breakfast (peanut butter toast with half a banana) and prep the twins' breakfast (dinosaur oatmeal - insert eye roll- and strawberries) while watching the beginning of The Today Show. Usually this is also when I pack my lunch, but on this particular day, I packed all my lunches for the week on Sunday so I got to skip this step.

7:10-7:35 am: Wake the twins up. They are both almost always grumpy and require lots of prodding to get dressed/brush their teeth/make their beds. I miss having Brian home to help me with this part! On this particular morning, someone peed in their pajamas (thankfully not enough to soak the sheets) so I also got to start an early morning load of laundry.

The twins eat breakfast while I finish getting ready. If they have time once they finish, they get to watch part of a TV show while I clean up breakfast, etc.
7:35-7:55 am: Noah and Buster had to go into the kennel for the day since rain was yet again in the forecast. I pack up lunches and load the car before we leave the house at 7:45ish to head to school. (Colby was unbuckled because we were just waiting for our turn to pull up in the carpool line, FYI :) I drop them off and it's off to work I go!

8:15 am-2 pm: I'm at work and taking care of business. I moved into a new office when I came back as a contractor and now I have a pretty nice view of the freeway and Pappasito's... which means I am very regularly craving Mexican food. I usually eat lunch in the break room with co-workers (long live lunch bunch!) from 11:45 am-12:30 pm and this day was no exception. 

2-3:10 pm: Most days I go home and have an hour of down time before picking up the twins, but on this particular day I had to make a quick Costco run. Once I got home, I sorted mail, had a snack (those green pea crisps are really tasty, for the record!), updated my PHR re-certification application, and let the dogs out of their prison before heading out. Had I not had an errand to run, I would have resumed my preferred afternoon activity of watching Dawson's Creek, because I'm mature like that.

3:10-3:45 pm: The twins get out of school at 3:25 pm and I park and walk to pick them up (no thank you, afternoon carpool line). They were both excited to tell me they received good behavior reports for the day, which was a refreshing change from the days prior this week! Also for a change, the mosquitoes weren't eating us alive so I let them play on the playground for a few minutes before we left. 

Once we got home, I unloaded and sorted through the 8 million things in their backpacks and folded the load of laundry from the morning.

3:45 pm-5:30 pm: The twins each get to pick a TV show while I clean out lunch boxes, make lunch for the next day, and get everything ready for dinner. Fridays are my grocery days, so I also started on our grocery list. Brian got home at 5 pm and we ate dinner shortly thereafter. He was thrilled, as you can tell!

5:30-7:30 pm: Clara has ballet/tap on Thursdays so I take her while Brian and Colby hang out, which usually involves them playing Pokemon Go, watching Pokemon on TV, or doing some other activity revolving around Pokemon... can you tell what Colby's current obsession is? Clara and I got home at 7, at which time we did baths and bedtime (part 1).

7:30-8:45 pm: I had my nightly fudgesicle (because again, I have very sophisticated taste) caught up on social media, e-mail, etc. while Brian watched football (yawn). Normally we would have gone upstairs to enforce bedtime (part 2) around 8-8:15, but since the twins don't have school today, we let them stay up playing a little later than normal.

9-10 pm: Bath and bedtime for me!

So there you have it. This isn't 100% representative of my days lately as this particular day was a little more full than most, but it still gives you a decent glimpse into our new routine. As I said, I have no idea what to expect when my temporary contract role wraps up... I mean, there are only so many episodes of Dawson's Creek available to pass the time, am I right?!


  1. You're on blogging fire this week! Also, I didn't realize you were a fan of the PB-banana toast... I thought you made fun of me for eating that?!

  2. Love this!! I will never cease to be impressed with people that wake up early to work out. Whenever I go through a season of life where I actually do that for a week or three, I basically can't stop patting myself on the back the whole rest of the day, hahaha. But anyway- I LOVE Fitnessblender!! If/when I work out, they are my favorite. And thanks for that totally inspirational pic of the stairwell in your parking deck, I'm assuming?? Hahahaha.

  3. Your day is impressive, truly. My day starts around the same time as yours and yet is not nearly as organized. I don’t think I could accomplish all that with even an extra 45 minutes.

    5:26 am Alarm goes off
    5:56 am Get out of bed
    And it’s just downhill from there.

  4. 1. You aren't a real blogger until you do a makeup tutorial so the only question is if you do IG Live or IGTV?
    2. Of course I hone in on the food - I have been curious by those green pea snaps but always assume that like most healthy food, they will taste like sad cardboard (versus... happy cardboard), but now I will try.
    3. YAY for two good school reports!!! And yes, why do they come home with so much? Aren't we a paperless society now? Can't they just send an email with it all?
    4. I am overall, both impressed and jealous by everything you can fit into your day. That hour in between work and pickup - CLUTCH!

  5. Loved reading this and glad the new routine is working so well for you guys!

  6. Hi - I just wanted to say I'm so happy you're (maybe) back to blogging. I found your blog while researching infertility while my husband & I were going through our 2 year journey. Your blog was so helpful for me and gave me courage during the hard & sad days. Fast forward, we welcomed our b/g twins in July. Thank you for sharing all you did on your blog- you have no idea how helpful it was to read about your experience.
    I tried adding you on IG, I'm LGiltner if you dont mind an internet stranger following you :)