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Friday, December 8, 2017

Santa Visit 2017

So we decided that instead of shelling out an inordinate amount of cash to visit Santa at the mall this year, we would pay him a visit at the Christmas Train in Alvin while we were there instead. As I mentioned, the twins were not on their best behavior during that adventure. And the few minutes we had to wait in line proved long enough for Colby to develop an intense disinterest in (a) having to sit and smile for a picture and (b) see Santa. Also, although the photographer was sweet and had a great set-up, the framing of the picture wasn't quite what we expected:

It looks to me like they were photographing Clara with Santa and then just accidentally included Colby off to the side.

So with that, the very next morning, we headed to the mall to - yep - shell out an inordinate amount of cash to visit Santa at the mall. The only way we could get the twins (primarily Colby) to agree to sit for pictures again was by allowing them to wear pajamas ("button shirts" are Colby's arch nemesis so this comfortable alternative was much more acceptable to him), but thankfully they had the perfect ones to wear for the occasion!

Refreshing to see two smiles!

Obviously neither one of them lives up to either of these attributes 100% of the time, but admittedly this assignment was the most accurate based on recent behavioral patterns :)

When it was time to actually sit with Santa, they were shy but cooperative, and Clara even gave him a picture she drew for him. The photographer only took one picture and seemed satisfied- this was the result:

Crummy cropping job (this isn't even the original cropping), and Santa looked a little lazy to me, but we got two (forced) smiles, so there's that!

Here's a recap of our Santa visits over the years (2013-2017)... 2014 (2nd from the left) is my favorite!

See ya next year, Santa!


  1. I'm sorry neither of the Santa photo opps was a slam dunk, but at least it will make for good stories when they are older... and good guilt trips when you need them to change your adult diaper.

  2. Oh man. So fun. At least your life isn't boring??? hahaha.

  3. I like the PJs attire better than the formal clothes anyway. :) And what the heck was up with that seating in the first santa? I agree it looks like Clara was with santa and last minute threw Colby in there too. So odd. Do you have to pay for the actual mall seating or just the pictures? I thought the visit was free but a copy of the pics was the money suck.

  4. We have't gone yet. And I must say - you are super dedicated to brave the Santa induced drama twice!