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Saturday, December 30, 2017

Christmas 2017

I know you're all relieved that I didn't keep you waiting long for this much-anticipated Christmas recap. You're welcome.

We road tripped up to Dallas last Saturday (side note: 8 am is too early to have to listen to Captain Underpants... the twins disagree with me on that). We spent that day helping prepare for Christmas Eve (including helping Franny make cookies), running amuck with the cousins, looking at Christmas lights, and welcoming Uncle Andrew into town.

On Christmas Eve, Mom, Allison, and I started the day with our traditional mall walking before everyone ate out for lunch. We intended to go to the family service at church afterward, but only ended up making a brief visit to the live nativity (petting zoo) area outside before deciding it was too cold and heading home.

Colby's highlight was feeding the camels whereas Clara's was getting hot chocolate and a cookie; clearly they both embraced the true meaning of Christmas. Also, fun fact: this is the same church where Colby and Clara were baptized, my siblings and I were all baptized, my parents were married, and even my grandparents were married!

Christmas Eve also held a few photo shoots with only minimal protesting from Colby. Thankfully there were a lot of cookies on hand to use for bribes.

The best photo opp was my family's recreation of our 1988 Christmas pic- impressive, right? We also posed for a "normal" picture afterward. I'm sad that the 6 of us don't get to be together more often!

My parents hosted dinner for our extended family that night. The twins, as always, were in Heaven with all the cousins around! They also made s'mores with daddy and once they were nice and sugared up, we got them in their (matching) jammies and attempted to get them to sit still for Pop Pop's reading of 'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Much to everyone's delight, Santa got the memo that we were in Dallas and made a stop at Franny and Pop Pop's that night to deliver their presents. Colby was most excited about his new Devastator Transformer and Clara was nominally excited about her new Lite Brite (another nod to the '80s!). 

We also got to open lots of great presents from Franny and Pop Pop and were yet again reminded of just how loved and spoiled we all are!

The rest of Christmas day was spent playing with presents, visiting my grandmother (who was at home sick with the flu, sadly), and eating meals with my family. It was actually not unlike most of the Christmases of my childhood, really, except that I had a lot more responsibilities :)

We packed up the next morning to head back to Sugar Land and were sad to see yet another fun-filled Christmas come to an end. This time of year is always very overwhelming to me (particularly now as a mom), but somehow when it wraps up, I'm still always sad to see it end.


  1. If your children (or you) contract the flu, it might distract from your sadness of it all being over? Just an idea. But I agree - it was a lot like our Christmases as children! Those were the days...

  2. I feel the opposite - once the holidays are over, I am SO RELIEVED. Like a long vacation, I’m alsays reading to come home at the end. The plan was to take down decorations/tree today (I must have everything down by the new year) but last night at 8pm I decided I was sick of it all and ended up staying up till 11 packing away everything. GOODBYE CHRISTMAS! PEACE OUT!

  3. I love that you guys have so many memories in/with that one church!

    And I love that you recreated that holiday picture! Good times!

  4. I love all your memories of your family church. That's so cool.

    And yes, Christmas would be a lot more fun if I had no responsibilities :)