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Monday, November 13, 2017

Why do I feel like I'm perpetually catching up?

Why hello there, readers, and hello there, mid-November! I know you're all pretty upset that I left you hanging after doing a post about pre-Halloween and then never following up with a recap of the actual Halloween happenings. That was incredibly insensitive of me.

The highlights: I stuffed my face at my department's annual Halloween breakfast and also took a half day of vacation, which meant I got to attend the twins' party at daycare. Once Brian got off work, we met up with the Olivers for dinner and trick-or-treating, which was a bit of a bust because of the rain. We headed back to our 'hood to finish up trick-or-treating and wrapped up just in time for Brian to watch the World Series while I sorted through and implemented the mom tax on the twins' candy.

We finished up the week with the twins' last soccer game, where it was clear both of them were ready for the season to be over (though Clara admitted later she was sad to be done and wants to play again soon... we'll see if that continues to be true)! 

Me: "Colby and Clara, smile! ... Please smile at the camera!... Ok just please look in the direction of the camera."

The twins also went to a birthday party for one of their daycare friends and I couldn't get over how much Clara and the birthday girl looked like they were 15 in this first picture:

This past week was also full of excitement as the twins had their first ever field trip! I remember when they were in the Infant room many moons ago and I saw a group of the Pre-K kids in their matching purple shirts heading off to a field trip and I thought to myself, "The twins will never be that old." Well not only did they get that old, but they did it a million times faster than I expected.

Anyway, they went to the library and although no books were actually read, apparently, they had a great time and are looking forward to more adventures with their pals.

Girls versus...


We were relieved not to have soccer this past weekend as it meant we got to take it a little easier on Saturday (though thanks to the time change, the twins were still up bright and early). Our friends opened up the cutest new coffee shop the day before, so we headed over to their neck of the woods to check it out. If you live out this way, go check out Holy Roast Coffee - you won't regret it (also, make sure to stop by the super cute children's boutique nextdoor!)

Clara chose chocolate milk and a side of sass

Brian had a nitro cold brew (whatever that means) and loved it... as did the Transformer in the foreground, of course.

Colby had a ginger orangeade (an original!) and I had dark circles under my eyes a hot chocolate, since coffee isn't my thing

Thanks to our ever faithful babysitters, Mimi and Granddaddy, Brian and I got to enjoy a night out with friends on Saturday celebrating a birthday at a local winery/brewery and it was awesome! Having uninterrupted adult time is obviously nice, but the cool venue was an added bonus- another place I recommend you locals check out some time.

We have a busy week ahead with pre-Thanksgiving happenings and, oh yeah, work/life in general... looking forward to a short week and some time with family next week to give us all some down time!


  1. Halloween 2018 had better be awesome to make up for 2017. And I need to try the new coffee shop soon - maybe when Mom and Dad are here next week! We can wear matching shirts and pretend it's an adult field trip.

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't believe they are big enough to go on field trips!!! Glad Halloween was a success and hope your mom tax on the candy was very high- no tax reform for your family!! ;)

  3. That coffee shop looks delightful. Add that to our itinerary when I book my I-can’t-stand-the-snow flight this winter.

  4. I need to check out that coffee shop! Looks so fun! Glad all is well and I hope you guys have a nice Thanksgiving!