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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Five on Wednesday

1. The twins had their Thanksgiving program at school last week. In news that will shock none of you that know him, Colby opted (a) not to wear his pilgrim costume and (b) to hide in the back for the majority of the show. Clara was a little bit more participatory but still shy about it.

After the program, we partook in the daycare's Thanksgiving "feast", wherein Brian and I sat in toddler-sized chairs and the twins overdosed on rolls and strawberry lemonade.

2. I don't like to talk about work on here, but it is worth mentioning that I got to go visit one of our rigs in the Gulf of Mexico last week. We traveled via helicopter, which was pretty exciting until the journey home when we learned at our first fuel stop that the helicopter had a maintenance issue that couldn't be fixed. We ended up driving 5 hours home and all in all, I was awake for a full 18 hours, so I wouldn't exactly say I was in a decent mood by the time it all ended, BUT the rig visit was a cool experience, so there's the silver lining.

3. We went to a birthday party at the zoo on Saturday. I don't really have anything exciting to report about it as it was a pretty typical zoo trip... except the part where another kid got on the lion on the carousel before Colby got to it and he basically lost his mind. And instead of forcing him to pick another animal, I let him wait until the next go-around so he could get the lion. And then I sat there wondering if I was a terrible mother for making that choice and quickly determined that I am responsible for all of my children's bad behavior because in this instance, I rewarded it by letting him get what he wants. And the only point of this rambling confession is to once again remind everyone that mom guilt is very real and it follows you everywhere... even to the carousel!

4. I saw "A Bad Moms Christmas" with the girls from my small group this past weekend and much like the first one, it was kind of dumb and incredibly crude, but also much like the first one, it was really funny! And there were even a couple of poignant moments, so if you can handle the inappropriateness, then definitely go see it. 

 Me with some of my favorite bad awesome moms

5. Turkey Day is tomorrow! We'll be staying in town and celebrating with Brian's family, but will also get to see my parents briefly as well. Our contributions to tomorrow's meal are green beans and a sweet potato casserole, both of which I'm looking forward to eating. But if we're being honest, I'm just as excited about eating the rolls, so apparently the twins come by that naturally ;)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!


  1. A helicopter!!! I’m sure you don’t know what kind but that’s always my first question since I used to work at Sikorsky. Also from working there I have vowed to never ride a helicopter so I’m glad you made it back safe, albeit tired and I’m sure cranky.
    Also, I loved Bad Moms Christmas, even better than the first Bad Moms (I hated the bum of a husband storyline in the first). Obviously I kept my expectations nice and low, but it met my expectations and I definitely enjoyed it.

  2. 1. What if Colby ends up being a professional actor one day?
    2. "At least your helicopter didn't break down over the ocean!"
    3. You weren't being a terrible mother by letting Colby "get his way;" you were a terrible mother for abandoning Clara in her time of need...
    4. Thanks for cropping my weird hands out of our group pic.
    5. Gobble gobble!

  3. I think you would have given in to his behavior if you'd made the other kid get off the lion so Colby could get on it. Making him wait until it was free, in my opinion, is an excellent option. He could have picked another animal or waited until the lion was free. So get rid of the mom guilt!

  4. Bummer about the helicopter!! Cool but yeah, not cool.

    I agree with Allena above on the carousel decision. I don't think making him wait until the lion was free is any reason for guilt! Maybe I am the bad mom for not seeing what is wrong with this decision to begin with, haha.