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Thursday, October 12, 2017

What's a more enticing way to say "Photo Dump"?

Ok let me first of all just mention that I am recovering from a stomach bug and I feel like one member of our family or another has been dealing with some kind of stomach-related illness for the better part of the last 4+ months. (And yes, I recognize the benefits of probiotics, which we do use semi-regularly, and no, I am not interested in learning more about gut health. :) Anyway, I just wanted to publicly complain about it and request pity... so there you go.

There have been many big and important things happening in our house, and by "big and important things," I mean the same things I always blog about us doing.

Clara is a couple of months into her latest year of dance class. This year's class is a ballet/tap combination and I feel like I have failed you as a mommy blogger by not videoing any of their tap practice, because it's pretty amusing to watch.

Colby and Clara are halfway through their soccer season and I am so happy to share that is has been going approximately 7,000 times better than last year's season. They both strongly prefer the "not hard" part (pre-game practice), but they are willingly participating in the game AND Clara even scored 2 goals last week!

In self-care news, I took a day off of work and went shopping with Allison and spent another afternoon when I was already off work getting a massage. Both were therapeutic and much-needed!

And speaking of time without kids, Brian and I got to sneak away to see a football game at our alma mater with Allison and Wade! Allison and I hadn't been to a game since our senior year (HOW was that 13 years ago?!), so it was extra fun for us to be back... especially because we didn't have to spend the duration of the game standing in the sun like we did when we were students. The weather was perfect and the Aggies won, so it was a well-spent trip indeed. Thank you to Mimi, Granddaddy, and Aunt Shannon for making our escape possible!

We've been to a few birthday parties for the twins' friends, complete with pony rides, petting zoos, pinatas, time at the playground, and more. I feel like it's out of the norm for daycare kids to hang out outside of daycare as much as the twins and their classmates do, but we're very thankful that they've made such sweet little friends and that we've gotten to know so many of the parents!

Oh, and speaking of birthdays, we celebrated the twins' half birthday last week. Well, by "celebrated," I mean that we gave them donuts for breakfast and let them wear their "it's my birthday" shirts again. This majorly confused some of their classmates and likely their teacher, but hey, you only turn 4.5 once!

This is related to nothing we've been doing, but since I don't often feature pictures of my parents on here, I thought I'd share this cute one they took on their recent tour of some countries in Europe that I truthfully could not keep up with... Germany was in there, and so was Holland... that's all I can recall because I was too busy rotting in my office and dying of jealousy.

A picture of them somewhere pretty (I know, I should clearly write a travel blog)

Now let's make this full circle by bringing it back to the stomach bug fun, because of course I documented some of that (no actual poop or vomit pictured):

I would be ok if we never had to pull out that bucket for this purpose again.

This was the day that Clara was too sick to go to school and Colby weaseled his way into staying home, too. ("Mommy, I can't go to school alone. I don't like learning without my sister.") I didn't hate it, though, because we got to play Legos together while Clara wallowed on the couch.

So yeah, we've been up to the usual happenings. Now that the temperatures will be regularly dipping below 90 degrees, you can rest assured that pumpkin pictures and other documentation of Fall activities are forthcoming, so get ready!


  1. It's a good thing you guys have managed to fit in plenty of fun things around the stomach misery! Hopefully your bout this week is the last one in your household for this cold/flu season.

    Also, I always think Clara looks so much like you, but she is looking a lot like Brian these days, too!

  2. I could use some tap videos in my life, so work on that, please! Also, seems like a fringe benefit of soccer is that you can get away with wearing your super cute workout gear to the games? Sign me up. Or rather, sign Millie up. Sorry you've been sick- glad your parents are at least doing something fun, though? Hahaha.

  3. I'm sorry you have all been sick. That just sucks :(

    I too would love to see a tap video. Tap is the one dance option Rachel's studio doesn't offer so sadly, it won't be a part of our lives.

    Thank you for giving me a reason to let Rachel wear her birthday shirt again. Her half birthday is just over two months away.

    And I'm fairly certain your parents are in Vienna, Austria at Schonbrunn (the Imperial Summer Palace) in that picture :) My parents just got back from a trip to Italy and I too was curled up in a ball of envy while they were experiencing Italian opera in a Roman amphitheatre. sigh.

  4. So sorry the stomach bug won't leave you all alone! Terrible!

    I'm glad you've been able to fit in some self-care time. That's awesome! Good for you, you def deserve it.

    I actually had it on my calendar to come watch the twins/Davis this Saturday, but then found out my nephew's birthday party is this Saturday morning in Galveston. So . . . can you remind me how many more weeks they play so I can find another day?

  5. Hey I have some essential oils that I could sell you for approx $500 that would totally revolutionize your gut health, your relationships, and even your finances! Just a few drops a day into a $150 electric water bucket and you too could could look like a supermodel with picture-perfect kids.

    Moving on... I'm quite jealous that your kids play real soccer games. Aaron is in PeeWee soccer through our township and they focus exclusively on drills and playing games that reinforce start/stop/kicking/etc (think "red light/green light"). I'm sure it's important for future skill development, but it's REALLY BORING TO WATCH. Like I'm sitting here bored I wanna see my kid score of a goal! We have i9 soccer too (albeit more expensive than through the township) so maybe when he's in kindergarten and we move to weekend soccer, he'll get to play real games!

    I feel like the hanging-out outside of daycare is really hit or miss. I don't think it happens until the birthday party explosion, but even then we haven't been able to make a single birthday party (weekend conflicts and all) so I can't tell if we are the exception or not. Maybe I'm just that unfriendly parent. Hmmm.

    Also jealous of your self-care days, so overall my comment here seems to be laden with jealousy. But tomorrow Adam and I do leave for our getaway weekend so at least I'll have that!

    Feel better!

  6. I was thinking the same thing as Allison about Clara looking more and more like Brian! I love that you celebrated their half birthdays - how fun! Oh, and sorry about the stomach bug. That is NOT fun.