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Monday, October 23, 2017

Photo an hour - Saturday, 10/21/17

6-something AM: out for a run in the dark before the rest of the house is awake

7-something AM: Colby eating his favorite breakfast, a PB&J waffle; Clara had a sleepover at Avery's house so he was solo for the morning

8-something AM: another morning at the soccer fields; one of the coaches was out of town, so Brian (in the background) agreed to help - this pic is right before Clara scored a goal!

9-something AM: post-game huddle for the Golden Ninjas

10-something AM: Clara and I went on a mother/daughter outing to see a matinee showing of the "My Little Pony" movie (which was really, really dumb, but she liked it, so there's that)

11-something AM: Yep, the pony gang was all there.

12-something PM: time for lunch!

1-something PM: crafting

2-something PM: reading through the latest library selections

3-something PM: finally showered and gave myself a manicure because I'm fancy like that

4-something PM: Hallelujah, the babysitters have arrived!

5-something PM: en route to Galveston for a wedding

6-something PM: how beautiful is this bride and her sweet daughter (who is one of the twins' BFFs at daycare)?

7-something PM: pretty sure this was mid-way through Brian's second trip to the buffet... to say he enjoyed the menu (Cajun-inspired) would be an understatement

8-something PM: beignets for the dessert - best idea ever!

9-something PM: sweet Berkeley was finally starting to run out of steam when we left

10-something PM: listening to the Astros game- this was the exact moment they won!

11-something PM: tucking in the littles before turning in for the night ourselves


  1. I tried commenting on my phone earlier but apparently it didn't show up! Anyway, I basically said these kind of posts seem much easier than DITL posts so I should try one, and I apologized again for bailing on the MLP movie, mostly because I regret not getting to be featured in your post...

  2. You looked so pretty for the wedding! Drew wants to see My Little Pony, and I want to take her but I also don't want to spend 2 hours of my life watching that so...decisions, decisions! Maybe we'll sit way in the back and I can read on my phone, ha!

  3. All I can focus on is how giant Colby's nalgene looks! Haha! Does he drink that much water and without a straw?! I'm amazed! Also, you looked so pretty at the wedding!!

  4. I love the picture of Clara chasing the soccer ball and all the other kids trailing behind her- such a little athlete!! Sitting through that movie sounds miserable. And also- do your kids not nap? I can't allow myself to imagine such a day ever coming. Love your dress at the wedding- and beignets sound awesome, but then do you get powdered sugar all over everyone's dry clean only outfits? Party foul. Hahaha.

  5. 1. You look wayyyy more perky on that 6am run than I ever do.
    2. Your lunch looks so healthy! My Saturday lunches are never that healthy.
    3. Crafting mom = overachiever. Stop making the rest of ya look bad.
    4. Love that nail polish color!!! It’s like the perfect gray. And the name is cute too!

    1. 3. *rest of us. Because “we” already look bad with our lack of proofreading

  6. I'm impressed you remembered to take a photo every hour!

    Love your dress and that nail color!

    Also, will keep you posted on Saturday. What time is the game again? 8am? We started back over with Clara;s potty training, which is rather intense, so it would only be one of us coming with Camille. We are having to re-evaluate all plans and events and either saying no or splitting up. All that to say, will let you know!