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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Fall-y things

Last Friday, I took a vacation day from work and took the twins to Blessington Farms with Allison, Avery, and another one of our friends along with her son. We had never been before because even though I had heard great things about it, I have never had an interest in battling weekend crowds to check it out, so going on a Friday seemed more promising.

We did luck out in that it wasn't very crowded, but unfortunately, the weather was pretty gross. It was foggy and humid for the first half of our visit, and then sunny and uncomfortably hot for the second half. The kids did not seem to mind in the least, however, and had a great time! (... and when I wasn't being a jerk about making them take pictures or complaining about the weather, I had a pretty good time, too!)

Not pictured: swarms of mosquitoes eating my children's flesh while I barked at them to stop scratching their legs and begged them to please, for the love, just SMILE AT THE CAMERA

3 little pumpkins!

There was a lot of sliding...

Some animal encounters...

Several rounds of ziplining...

A couple of rides on the train...

(Not my best pic but how cute is he?)


And the twins' favorite: running around in these giant hamster wheels...

Hopefully we can go back next year when the weather is a little more pleasant, but then again, we do live in Texas, so I probably shouldn't get my hopes up.

Saturday morning held another soccer game where Colby won the sportsmanship award and Clara scored 3 goals, so Brian took them out for a celebratory lunch at (wait for it) McDonald's to get their first ever happy meals! 

I spy post-soccer game Gatorade mustaches!

We spent the afternoon/evening playing with the two other families that go to both our church and daycare. We did seasonally appropriate activities like painting pumpkins and dancing to Halloween music, but because it's October in Texas, it was also more than warm enough for the kids to go swimming, much to their delight!

The pumpkin in the middle is one I painted using some nail polish technique my friend found on Pinterest- turned out pretty cool!

Brian and I unfortunately had a funeral to attend on Sunday afternoon, but the Olivers graciously kept the twins while we were away. They played at the park, watched a "movie about chipmunks and humans" (per Colby), and decorated masks which have since gotten a lot of wear around our house!

As the cool front was rolling in that evening (hallelujah), Colby and Clara decided to throw me a bone and willingly volunteered for yet another photo shoot with the pumpkins. I'd say this picture captures their personalities a little better than the posed ones:

So yeah, it's safe to say we're enjoying Fall around these parts. If you need to find me between now and Halloween, just look for a trail of Reese's pumpkin wrappers and I'll be close by. 


  1. I wish the weather had been better, but I'm still glad we went - and you got lots of good pics (even the ones that weren't perfectly posed)! I'm also still super impressed with how much more into soccer C & C are this year compared to last. Hope they can convince Avery to give it a shot (pun intended)!

  2. Too bad your day at the farm wasn't today because man, feels great outside! We will see if it lasts (eye-roll). So many cute pictures I can't pick a favorite!

  3. I love Clara's face in the picture with the goats. Like "oh, we're touching these? Okay no." But that final porch/pumpkin picture is the BEST. That facepalm!!!

  4. I’ve been complaining about our Indian summer where the temp was a high of 75 so your sounds horrid. We just hit cool nights of 30/40s and days of 50/60s so I’m so relieved to have “real fall” again (mostly to kill all the spiders...)