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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Just some thoughts that are not at all related

Brian convinced me to go watch "It" with him at the movie theater a couple of weeks ago. What I want to know is this: where were all of the responsible adults in that town and why the heck didn't they teach their children NOT to accept a random clown's invitation to join him in the storm drain?! And also, is that something I explicitly need to tell the twins?!

Confession: Ever since learning that there are no video surveillance cameras in our elevators at work (there are in other parts of the building), I randomly started doing dance moves when riding in them alone. [This is how rule followers rebel, in case you were wondering.]


Recently I was talking to the twins about how God doesn't always give you what you ask for because sometimes He knows that's not what's best for you. Clara thought for a moment and then said, "Yeah, like when you say, 'God, I want to poop on your face!' and He doesn't let you do it." Um, yeah, that's the same example I had in mind, too.

My parents were heading to Europe recently and when I called my mom shortly before they left, our conversation went like this: 
[Ring, ring]
Mom: Hello?
Me: Hey,  Mom. When are you and Dad leaving for your trip?
Mom: We leave on Tuesday night. I need you to promise me if anything happens to me that you'll take care of my doggies. 

Want to know what Colby and Clara fight about the most frequently? Who gets to open the microwave when it beeps. Yes, seriously.

Colby thinks the words to "Everyday I'm Shuffling" are actually "every day I'm shellfishing." 

I went to get a massage recently and when the massage therapist came out to greet me, she said she recognized me from the first time she gave me a massage, which was when I was pregnant. She then pointed out that I looked different and asked if my hair used to be shorter. Yes, I was 7 months pregnant, but the primary difference between my appearance then and now was my slightly shorter hair.

Clara and I were playing princesses yesterday when I, acting as Ariel, asked her, acting as Snow White, if we could be best friends. In her best princess voice, she responded, "Ok, we can be best friends... and then we can go to a meeting!" (You know you're the child of a working mom when...)

The twins were sitting quietly in the car recently when out of nowhere, Colby sighed loudly and wistfully said, "I wish I was a robot."

Colby was getting close to the stove when we were making dinner the other night and the following conversation ensued:
Colby: I better be careful, I don't want to burn myself.
Clara: Yeah, I don't want you to get burned because you're my best friend... but only when we're at home.
Spoken like a true sibling.


  1. Ha, so many good truth bombs in this post!

    Also, I wonder if Mom's question was in response to me telling her we'd make sure they were taken care of, but wouldn't necessarily keep all 4 of them together...

    Also, the camera quality of the new iPhone is so much better - the pic of you and Clara looks like it was taken with a real camera!

    Also, I'm about to feel Colby's pain by clicking "I'm not a robot" before commenting on this post.

  2. Okay, these are all kind of hilarious. And right now our kids fight the most about who GETS TO take out the garbage and recycling. Yes, seriously.

    And Allison's comment about feeling Colby's pain is HILARIOUS!!!

  3. Totally laughing at so many of these! Your fam is just the best!

  4. Ahhhahaha I love this. I'm pretty impressed by the massage girl, personally. To remember someone you saw once, haven't seen in like 4.5 years, and remember such a tiny detail? Shouldn't she be like a rocket scientist or Supreme Court justice or something?? And I can't believe the twins fight over who gets to open the microwave. Oh, the things I just take for granted and never see the magic in doing!!!

  5. All really great stories, but that meme did make me pause a little and wonder about all my emails over the years that were most definitely NOT PC...

  6. I always love when you do these posts! Aaron has said almost exact phrase about not pooping on faces and I just scratch my head about how this is a “thing” at this age????