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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Getting back into our groove

Disclaimer: I don't know how to not seem shallow blogging about our everyday happenings while there are still so many people whose lives won't be back to normal for quite some time. Hopefully those of you that know me/read the blog won't take my regularly scheduled blogging to mean that I don't care! And also, if you are still looking for ways to help with the recovery, I wanted to point you to our church's website where there a number of different needs listed!

Alright, so let's get on with it.

Flashing back to Labor Day weekend (which seemed like anything but a holiday weekend because at that point, as everyone has pointed out, we had no idea what day it was and we were frankly all a little tired of having the time "off"), we were thankful for the opportunity to get back to some of our standard weekend activities. We went on a couple of walks to get donuts, hit up Costco (where we ran into the Olivers, go figure), and visited my grandmother.

We went to church and watched the Aggies play on Sunday, and any of you that watched that game know which of those 2 experiences was a better use of our time.

On Labor Day, Brian and Wade headed out to gut houses while Allison and I held down the fort with the kids. We wanted to involve them in the relief efforts, so we took them to Target to pick up some supplies to donate. What I envisioned: the kids happily and selflessly picking out things they knew people that were displaced from their homes would need and enjoy. What actually happened: my kids (mainly one of them) whined at me because they wanted to keep the apple sauce/peanut butter/etc. for themselves and not give them away to strangers. Touching, right?

Thankfully I did not let my frustration prevent us from ending the day the way every holiday should end: with a trip to get DQ blizzards.

We squeezed in a relatively normal (albeit still short) week at work/school before another weekend rolled around. Again, while we're always thankful for the weekend, it almost felt like it was too soon to have time off again?? Anyway, we still made the most of it, thanks in large part to the beautiful early "Fall" weather we've been experiencing!

On Saturday we went to a birthday party for a friend from school, where the twins spent half the time avoiding the actual fun (see pictures on the left) and the other half actually participating (see pictures on the right):

I know daycare can be hit or miss as far as making friends goes but I feel like we've really lucked out with the kids in the twins' class AND their parents- love all of these little nuts!

We also made a visit to our favorite outdoor restaurant, played at the park with friends, and went to Target for the 8 millionth time in the past 2 weeks.

We wrapped up the weekend with dinner at Brian's parents' house, where the twins were excited to go out on the pier and do some fishing... especially considering the last time we were there, it was under water!
In upcoming news, the twins start soccer on Saturday so we're praying that this unexpectedly pleasant weather sticks around... and also praying that (a) they are more excited about actually participating this year and (b) mama doesn't have to go on anxiety meds as a result of the experience :)


  1. It was strange to go from Hurricane Harvey where time felt like it was frozen for a week or so, right into the super busy fall season, huh?!

  2. I really don't know when kids start to grasp the "buying/giving to others in need" because it goes right over Aaron's head too. I picture myself raising a selfless child who wants to help those in need but instead it's "but I want it" so yeah, I feel ya.

    We also start soccer next week. Our [outdoor] soccer goes to the end of October which will be interesting because 2 years ago it snowed at the end of October. Also there's nothing around the field (except other fields) and far away from the parking lot so I have no idea what I'm going to do with Oliver. Last spring crawled around and ate grass. This time? Hmm.
    Sorry this is a randomly long comment with almost no relation to your actual post. It's been a long day and it's only 1pm

  3. We are doing soccer for the first time (kids are 8 and 4.5) and I have set ZERO expectations. I hope they participate and have fun, but I am not going to let it get to me!!!!! Here's hoping for a great season for all the kids!

  4. Glad yall were able to return to normal life a bit. And hey- going to Target a lot counts as helping the cause, because someone has to keep the economy going, right?? You shopping = jobs, tax revenue, pat yourself on the back for your generous contributions to the cause. :) (And as a fringe bonus, you get adorable fall decor, shoes, etc. for yourself. But that obviously isn't the POINT....) We also got some lovely, chilly fall weather this weekend/early week thanks to Hurricane Irma, but I worry it's only going to make me sadder when it leaves and it's in the 90s again. :( Farewell, hoodie, you were nice for the day you lasted.

  5. Loving this mild weather, for sure, and hoping it sticks around!

    Sounds like despite some crazy weeks, y'all are still having al lot of fun!

    We would love to come to a soccer game this go-round so please send me their schedule!!