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Friday, August 25, 2017

Five on Friday

1. Moisturizer 
I decided to join the grown-ups of the world and go to the dermatologist for the first time ever earlier this summer. I went for a general check-up and thankfully there were no concerns, but I did ask her if there was anything I could do about the dark spots that I've had on my face ever since being pregnant. She gave me a prescription cream that is slowly but surely fading the dark spots, but she also set me straight about what kind of moisturizer to use.

There were a lot of words used and all I really caught is that I should be using sunscreen with "physical" blockers (vs. "chemical" blockers) in order to effectively prevent sun damage. The ingredient she said to look for was zinc oxide, and after some googling, I settled on this (inexpensive!) option from Eucerin. I've been happy with it so far, so I figured I'd pass along my budget-friendly, dermatologist approved recommendation... you're welcome.

(For the record, my tinted BB cream also has zinc oxide and I highly recommend it as well, though it's not as budget-friendly: Tarte BB Tinted Treatment

2. Mr. Grumpy Pants
When we went to the library a couple of weeks ago, both of the twins were being major grumps, so of course when I came across this book, I knew we had to check it out. We have read it regularly since then and even though it hasn't prevented them from being grumpy, they get a big kick out of it... especially the reference to the penguin wearing "grumpy underpants" (underwear jokes get them every time!).

Upon my request, my sweet SIL gave me this t-shirt for my birthday and it is seriously the most comfy shirt I have ever worn!! And fear not, non-Texans, they have them for other states, too ;) 

I was looking for freezer meal options to make for a friend and came across this one. I decided to go ahead and double the recipe so we could have it for dinner this week and it is so tasty! As a bonus, it was simple enough that the twins were able to "help" make it. As an even bigger bonus, Clara asked for seconds when she ate it (... Colby at least tolerated it, so there's that).

5. This article that was basically written about me
Though I have always considered myself tightly wound and I admit that I obsess about things, I've never really described myself as someone that has anxiety because I always associated "anxious" with someone that was a worry wart. I don't worry about things that are likely to never happen, but more so, I get rattled any time things don't go exactly according to my plans (which is, un-shockingly, very often). 

Last Fall, I briefly visited a counselor and in talking with her, I realized that a lot of my less than desirable behavior stems from anxiety. When I came across this article last week, it really resonated with me and thought I would share it in case any of you also struggle with being "rage monsters" (and then beating yourself up about it, causing you to feel guilty, causing you to feel anxious, and then causing the cycle to repeat itself).

Even if you can't relate, it's an interesting read! And because I needed a picture to go with this item on the list, I decided to share a relevant picture: me completely losing my cool when my children wouldn't cooperate for pictures (aka: a major source of rage for me, unfortunately)!


  1. 1. Gonna try it when I run out of my current one!
    2. Why don't they have Mrs. Grumpy Pants? #sexist
    3. I want one! I just wish they were less expensive.
    4. Pinned it.
    5. I can't relate to that article at all.

  2. I haven't been to the dermatologist as an adult, but wondering if I should just as a preventative measure. And also to ask about this insane adult acne that comes every month/cycle. I know it is hormone related but it is killing me!

    Cute book! Need to look into that one (even though my kids are never grumpy, they are perfectly content all the time).

    Informative article! Makes total sense. I have also heard how most anxiety is rooted in fear of some kind and while the article never used the word fear (from what I remember) the whole "loss of control" thing lines up perfectly. Anyways, thanks for sharing!

    1. Brittnie, try Nature's Cure for your acne. I tried so many things for mine that didn't work and my skin was worse than high school all the time. It's only $9 on Amazon. It's homeopathic tablets that you chew morning and night. I noticed an improvement after a month and drastic improvement after 3 months.

  3. I requested the Grumpy Pants book from the library! I love trying out library books and then if they pass my stringent mom test (aka: can I read this every day for a month and not want to hide it?) then it becomes an Amazon wishlist item for Christmas/Hanukkah.

    Fascinating article! I love when I find stuff like that which resonates so deeply with me.

  4. That picture is awesome!! Colby looks like he was cooperating. ;-)

  5. That picture of you and Colby is the best. I hope you play it on the slideshow at his rehearsal dinner. Ummm what I really need to know is what are you doing to prepare for Harvey!?!