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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Some firsts

In the midst of surviving temperatures that rival that of the sun, we've experienced a few firsts lately that are worth documenting:

1. Speech Therapy for Clara
We've noticed for a while that Clara has issues with articulating certain sounds ('k' and 'g', to be specific) and after realizing she wasn't self-correcting, we finally took her to get evaluated in June. She started weekly speech therapy pretty soon thereafter and now has about 1.5 months under her belt. The sessions are quick (30 minutes), but her speech therapist is awesome and we're already noticing some progress. 

Meanwhile, Clara is loving the quick mid-day getaway with Mommy (I take her during my lunch break- such is life as a working mom!), and perhaps even more than that, she is loving the weekly visits to the treasure box. Her favorite find thus far is this get-up:
Every time she puts it on, she says she is Granddaddy (Brian's dad) and starts talking in this hysterical deep voice, saying she has to "go fix the television"- ha!

2. Visiting the library
I'm not sure why we waited this long to take the twins to the library, but we took them for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it was a hit. Once they got past the initial excitement of the computer game section, they made their way to the activity area and eventually to the actual books. We've now been twice and let them each pick out one book to check out at each visit. The biggest benefit to this is that they now actually want to sit still when we read to them before bed! I guess they were just bored with their collection and needed some variety, so I'm glad we've made this discovery. 

Colby's first two take-home books have revolved around Star Wars and robots, while Clara's have been about "The Nutcracker" and unicorns. Standard.

Brian gave me a gift certificate to use at this place over a year ago, but I couldn't ever find a painting I liked on a date that worked. I finally found one last Saturday that I thought I might actually want to keep and miraculously convinced 6 other people from small group to go with me! We ate, we drank, we chatted... oh yeah, and we painted. We had a great time and I definitely want to go back again! 

For those that are curious about how it works like I was, I included a progression of the steps it took to get from beginning to end:

Love these ladies!

4. Colby's first Astros game
Brian and Wade took Davis and Colby to their first Astros game last Sunday. They lucked out with great seats and even ended up on the jumbotron... throw in the fact that Colby got a giant ice cream cone all to himself and I'm pretty sure this outing made it on his list of favorite activities ever!

5. Storybook Cottage
While the boys were at the game, Allison and I took Clara and Avery to a princess birthday party for a friend at this cute little place. They dressed up, got their nails painted, did a style show, frosted (and ate) cupcakes, decorated picture frames, read a princess story, and helped the birthday girl open presents. So yeah, Clara wasn't exactly excited when it was time to leave! Thankfully I bribed her with the promise of getting to watch an episode of Elena of Avalor while wearing her Elena dress once we got home... worked like a charm.

We ended Sunday evening with one more first: introducing the twins to Guitar Hero. It did not go well and once they started using the guitar as a weapon, we scrapped that idea... but not before snapping this pic:

So how about you- any noteworthy firsts you've experienced lately?


  1. As you know, I'm experiencing my first major home renovation project - almost as fun as all these firsts you mentioned!

  2. I lovvvveee the library. As a working mom I used to take Aaron there after daycare and now as a SAHM it's like my second home. Our library also lends out DVDs for free so once I discovered this, I've made Friday afternoon postnap our "Disney classics". Two weeks ago was Bambi and last week was Aristocats. It's my favorite!

  3. Lots of fun firsts! I am so glad the girls could come to the party! Loved seeing them (and you)! :)

  4. I've kept 3 kids alive for 7 months as of today! A great 'first' for me, ha. We love the library and don't go nearly enough. Ours has a little cafe, so I can usually bribe the kids with the thought of a snack if they don't act like wild animals. ;)

  5. Matthew is a fellow speech buddy! He gets serviced through KISD and has been going for a year or so. Do you guys go to a private place? I really wish we could do that. KISD has been fine, but I think he would be showing more progress if we were with a private practice (stupid insurance!!)