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Friday, June 2, 2017

Turning 34

As you're likely aware due to Brian's sweet post (seriously, I am not worthy of his niceness), I had a birthday this week! Even though being an adult takes a good amount of the fun out of birthdays (I'm looking at you, 10-hour workday), it still ended up being a pretty great day, thanks in no small part to my thoughtful family and friends.

The morning started off like most other weekday mornings, with the exception of Brian waking up early to make me a spinach omelette for breakfast- slightly more exciting than my normal english muffin and cottage cheese! Since I wouldn't be celebrating formally with the twins, we decided to treat them to sprinkled donuts for breakfast at daycare. I told them all I wanted in exchange was a nice picture together... can you tell which one of them didn't hold up his end of the bargain?

Work had me in a fairly foul mood by about 9 am, but when Brian showed up at my office with cookies from Tiff's Treats, the day started to look up. I spent the lunch break eating out with some co-workers and as a fun treat, the other birthday girl (that would be Allison) took a break from her SAHM life and joined us.

The afternoon was a blur of desserts, including cookie cake, this beautiful birthday cake (yellow cake with chocolate icing because I'm sophisticated like that), AND another delivery- cake pops from the Sweet Boutique from my thoughtful SIL! 

After I finished awakening from my diabetic coma the workday, I headed home to change clothes and get ready for dinner. Meanwhile, these little cuties and their daddy bestowed me with birthday gifts and drawings- I'm always happy to see those smiles and those yellow boxes ;)

Allison and I ended the evening at dinner with a few friends at Pappasito's and had such a fun time! We stuffed our faces with fajitas and margs, were serenaded both by the waiters and a mariachi duo, blew out candles in bowls of ice cream, and got to catch up with some of our favorite peeps.

Here we are at lunch and then at dinner... next year we'll make it a goal to eat breakfast together as well so we can go 3 for 3 with birthday meals.

Thankful for all of the wonderful things 33 had in store and looking forward to what 34 holds!


  1. Happy belated birthday! Sorry I missed it!

    I'm hilarious.

  2. Holy cow food coma! I'm with you - yellow cake with chocolate icing is as near to perfect as possible! Happy happy birthday!

  3. So many fun birthday treats! Glad I got to participate in the festivities!!