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Monday, June 26, 2017

Father's Day 2017

Soooo I intended to blog about Father's Day weekend early last week, but then I got hit with the plague came down with strep throat and was too busy wanting to die to actually sit down and write anything. A week and several doses of Penicillin later, I'm back and ready to share (I can just hear all of you breathing a sigh of relief)!

The twins' daycare had its Father's Day program on that Friday afternoon, which consisted of painting pictures and eating hot dogs, chips, and brownies. (As a side note, this sounds infinitely more fun to me than the normal Mother's Day tradition of having a tea party.)

We spent Saturday morning playing with friends at their pool/splash pad. I seriously despise the summer, BUT as a parent, I do love having the option to take the kids to the pool for hours at a time and not have to do much besides watch them, make sure they stay alive, and occasionally give them some snacks. Er, I mean I love watching the joy on my children's faces as they experience new adventures, etc.

We spent the afternoon at Brian's parents' house for an early Father's Day celebration with them, his sister, and his grandparents. The twins were, as usual, never short on toys, food, or attention, and we had a fun time stuffing our faces and hanging out with the fam as well, so it was a win for everyone. 

On Father's Day, we started the day off right with cinnamon rolls, bacon, and presents for Daddy before heading off to church. We followed that up with lunch with some friends at Torchy's, and then spent the afternoon at the local science museum. Truthfully this place is always a bit of a dud, but the twins were excited to see the dinosaurs again and it's hard to beat a place with air conditioning this time of year, so we weren't complaining. I think the highlight for Brian was finishing up our visit with a stop at the Proud Pie truck... Colby and Clara didn't hate it, either!

Hopefully Brian felt appropriately celebrated- there's really no sufficient way to show him how much we appreciate the ways in which he loves and takes care of our family, and most often with a smile on his face (which is way more than can be said for my grump-a-lump self!). And in fact, he had ample opportunity to prove what a great dad he is when I got sick less than 24 hours later and he had to spend the next 2-3 days taking care of all 3 of us. He's the best!

(And in case you're wondering, I didn't get to see my dad for the weekend, but made sure to send him cookies to let him know we were thinking of him- couldn't let a Father's Day post go by without acknowledging my own great pops!)


  1. A great FD weekend for a great dad! (Though not as great without us around to celebrate, obvi.)

  2. Sounds like an excellent weekend of celebration! And yes, the FD daycare party sounds way better than the MD version!

  3. Can't beat Torchy's and the pie truck! Glad Brian had a great FD! So sorry you got sick shortly after and so glad to hear you're all better now.

  4. Amen to the splash pad. Free child entertainment that lets me take a break from actual parenting? Sign. Me. Up.

  5. I don't know.. I think I like tea better than hot dogs! And yes, here's to the amazing men in our lives who rarely get grumpy.