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Monday, May 8, 2017

The latest happenings

I always feel like January and February start off at such a slow and manageable place. And then March starts to get a little busier, and by the time April and May roll around, I feel like we're stuck on a roller coaster of commitments and activities and we can't get off.

So yeah, I feel like we're there right now. Thankfully most of what is filling up our time is good, but that doesn't make it all any less exhausting!

Here's a bit of what we've been up to lately:

The twins had their Spring show at school the week before last. We talked it up for several days and told them we would really love it if they actually participated rather than hiding and/or crying behind their friends. In the end, this mostly paid off because Clara performed with a smile and Colby, well, at least he didn't hide or cry... just kept his fingers in his mouth and stared blankly at the audience. 

We celebrated a friend's birthday! Kennedy (in the purple) is 15 days younger than the twins and the three of them have been in the same class together at daycare since they were all 3 months old. Most of their friends from school were there and they had fun wearing themselves out together.

That same evening, we had dinner at Chuy's with the Olivers to celebrate Davis turning 6 (how?!) and Brian turning 34! We enjoy doing a lot of things with the Olivers, but I'd say stuffing our faces with Mexican food is at the top of the list.

We took advantage of the beautiful weather and busted out our swimsuits (well, Colby and Clara did) for the first time this year to wash the cars. The twins' car washing skills were severely lacking, but at least they looked cute doing it. 

We celebrated Brian's birthday a third and final time (second time was on Sunday night with his family!) last Wednesday on his actual birthday, and as usual, we dined at our favorite local Mexican food joint.

This girl was feeling extra silly, as you can tell!

What better way to end your birthday than a personal pie and two hyper 4-year-olds singing to you?

Clara was dressed appropriately for Cinco de Mayo, which also happened to be the day of the twins' St. Jude Trike-a-Thon at school:

We weren't sure if Colby would actually participate given his unpredictable disinterest in riding his bike, but he surprised and did so with enthusiasm! Clara, on the other hand, acted very coy about the whole thing and was clearly making every effort to look like the whole thing was no big deal. (Thank you to those of you that donated on their behalf, by the way- they raised $80!)

We wrapped up Cinco de Mayo by dropping the kids off with Mimi and Granddaddy while Brian and I had a night out to ourselves! We started off with dinner at Escalante's (because clearly we hadn't already eaten enough Mexican food in the preceding week), followed by dessert at Black Walnut Cafe, and then ended the evening watching Jay Leno perform at the new Smart Financial Center. I gave Brian the tickets for his birthday and although we had a great time, we were definitely 20-30 years younger than the majority of the people there. Not to worry, we still understood all the jokes ;) My favorite joke was when he said "aftershock" was a dumb term for what happens after an earthquake because it's basically another earthquake, much like moms of twins don't refer to the first child born as a baby and the second as an "after-baby"- ha!

So yes, we've had a few things going on as of late! What's the most fun thing YOU'VE been up to lately?


  1. Why didn't you mention all the FUN you had on Saturday afternoon/evening?! JK, of course. I'm still sad Avery wasn't dressed in yellow for the Chuy's pic - would have been perf!

  2. Amen to the craziness of May. January and February were so calm and now I'm like "what we don't have a free weekend for how long???" Craziness. I assume it gets worse as the kiddos get older, so I guess we can relax in retirement.

  3. Yes to your first paragraph. It feels like April and May, thus far, have been INSANE. Argh. Dave and I can barely remember what we're doing from day to day. And as Emily said, I've heard it only gets worse as the kids get older. Yay?!?!

    And way to go Colby and Clara for participating (or not actively "not participating" as the case may be) in the Spring show!!!

    Happy (belated) birthday to Brian! May is a great month to be born :)

    And the most fun thing we've done lately is going to see a minor league baseball game in Buffalo yesterday and shopping for new bedding at IKEA. Whooo hooo.

  4. Sounds fun (and yes, busy!)!

    This post reminded me that 1. I should take Camille to playscape sometime soon and 2. We should eat at Lupitas sometime soon. :)

  5. Your life exhausts me. Hahaha. BUT your commitment to Mexican food inspires me!!! And Clara in her leotard is about the cutest thing ever. And also, that earthquake/twin joke totally makes sense- good one, Jay! ;)