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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Memorial Day Weekend Recap

Ever since finding out one of the twins was a girl, I dreamed of seeing her on stage in a tutu, and that dream finally became a reality this past weekend! We kicked the weekend off with her dress rehearsal on Friday night. Allison and my mom graciously joined me both in getting her ready and sitting through the actual rehearsal while the boys held down the fort at home.

It was a long evening (we didn't get home until 9 pm!), but she was a trooper and waited patiently while they ran through everyone's dances, including her own, twice. One of her classmate's grandmothers snapped the top right picture of her backstage and I just love it!

We took a break from the recital festivities on Saturday morning to celebrate the twins' sweet friend, Berkeley's, birthday at Pump it Up with most of their daycare classmates. Inflatables, pizza, and cupcakes- need I say more?

After a few hours of downtime, it was time to get ready for the big show. The little ballerina was spunky as always for her photo shoot:

As usual, getting Colby to join for a picture was like pulling teeth. It was bad enough that we were making him wear a "button shirt" on a Saturday, but now expecting him to look at a camera and smile? Highly unacceptable. In the end, we ended up with these two gems, and I can't decide which is my favorite, ha!

We dropped Clara off backstage (with the two sweetest stage moms!) and made our way into the auditorium- Clara was fortunate to have 12 adoring fans in the audience! Her class performed to "Under the Sea" and as you would expect in a class full of 3 to 5-year-olds, it was full of all kinds of cuteness. We weren't allowed to video at the actual performance, but the below footage from the dress rehearsal gives you the right idea:

We were so proud of our little dancer!

On Sunday morning, we traded out our dance recital attire for swimsuits and headed to the beach with the Olivers. Despite a brief downpour, the weather was actually perfect because it started out cloudy and the sun came out for the last hour or so that we were there. We swam, played, ate lunch, and generally wore ourselves out.

Memorial Day itself was pretty low key. Clara and I kicked it off with pedicures (her first ever!) with a friend while Brian and Colby played at home and continued in their quest to watch every episode of RescueBots ever made. We ended the day playing and having dinner with some friends at Rudy's, because pretty much nothing is as American as eating BBQ and letting 9 children run wild on the patio. 

Bottom right would be Clara pouting about somebody "being rude to her" for the 1,000th time that day... the pout was too cute not to photograph

Thankful to live in the country we do and for those that make our wonderfully ordinary lives possible!


the blogivers said...

I'm glad you and Clara will be able to show Avery and me the dance recital ropes next year! And thanx for joining us at the beach and giving us something to do on Memorial Day!

Natasha said...

It's so fun how similar Rachel and Clara's costumes were -- very poofy skirt and all. And I wish I could have just gone with the side ponytail -- it looks way easier than a bun! And I recognize some of the dance steps -- spring points and plies. Such a cute dance program.

The beach looks really fun and I love Colby's flag shirt.

Emily said...

Omg Clara's outfit. I've seen my fair share of dance recital outfits but that is by far the cutest I've ever seen! Maybe someday ill be able to join in your tutu dream (not likely, Adam just had another dream that I was pregnant with baby boy #3 and was due any day and we still hadn't figured out a name). Also the pic of her and Colby is all kinds of perfection, even if he did have to wear a button shirt he pulled it together! Good man!

Brittany said...

Clara looks sooo cute in her costume!! We've never done a day trip to the beach. I'm curious how and where you clean the kids up before getting back in the car. Is there sand everywhere?!

Brittnie said...

She looks so super cute! Glad y'all had a nice weekend!

Erika said...

Looove the dance costume, makeup, dance itself, and everything!! Such fun!! Also maybe love Colby's anger about a "button shirt" even more. HAHAHA. I can't wait to take Millie for a pedicure!! Except I think it will potentially take all of the relaxation out of the process for me, haha. Like PLEASE DO NOT FREAK OUT BEFORE THEY FINISH PAINTING MY FEET....