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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

"Imperfectly Perfect" Shirt Review

Guess what, everyone... today is the day that you get to take a break from "Amanda, the Mommy Blogger" and spend a little time with "Mandy, the Fashion Blogger." JK, don't ever call me Mandy unless you want us to stop being friends.

And ok fine, I do not have a future as a fashion blogger, BUT I do have a friend that recently opened up a new clothing shop online that asked me to do a product review, so I get to sort of pretend for the day. (And for full disclosure purposes, lest you think I'm being a sneaky blogger, you should know that I was given the product for free, but the opinions below are my own :)

SO my friend, Katie, and her friend, Elise, opened up Charm & Grace Designs a few months back and every couple of weeks, they release a new "not so basic basic" top for pre-order (and they usually host a giveaway!). You can follow them on a variety of social media outlets, but where I usually see their designs announced first is via their video updates on facebook. 

Katie hand-delivered my shirt to me on Mother's Day and as you can see below, even the packaging was cute! The polka dotted tissue paper inside was also cute, but I ripped it open too fast to take a picture.

The package contained this white v-neck "perfectly imperfect" tee with these super cute coordinating stackable bracelets as a bonus (currently being offered whenever you order an item during the pre-sale)! Katie acted like the design she picked for me was simply based on timing, but I think she secretly knew a perfectionist like myself needed a shirt with this phrase emblazoned across it to serve as a little reminder every time I looked in the mirror, ha! ;) 

And now let the fashion blogging begin!

I know, I'm such a natural, right? Hand on the hip and everything.

This is me, modeling the entire outfit effortlessly while pondering life and staring up at the sky. Please note that I coincidentally own mint green shorts that match the vinyl on this tee perfectly. I was also excited to find that my new shoes that came in last week matched as well. Clearly this was meant to be.

And of course, I had to throw in this ironic picture of my life being less than perfect. I mean, look at that semi-messy hair and those mischievous kids wreaking havoc on my otherwise perfect existence?!

And now for me to share my actual review:

1. The fit of this shirt is perfect! I LOVE that it's long because short shirts are not my thing. It's loose but still form-fitting. I opted for a medium because I don't like my t-shirts to be too tight.

2. The material is also great- lightweight and very soft. Because it's so lightweight, I would definitely recommend either wearing a camisole under it (I wore a nude one and it worked great), or get one of the shirt extenders they model with it (if you're trendy enough to do so, which I sadly am not, ha!).

3. The design is unique and has a lot of thought put into it. When the girls introduce the shirts, it's always clear that they're intentional about the wording they choose, and this shirt was no exception. (As a side note, I'm still very much hoping they'll create a "mom of the year" shirt at some point, but I'm going to have to get more of my sarcastic friends to vote in order for that to happen!).
Edited to add: The "mother of the year" shirt is now available!! 

So there you have it, my friends. A big thanks to Charm & Grace Designs for giving me this opportunity to pretend I'm a fashion blogger. Make sure to follow them on social media so you can see all of their fun designs, and of course, go buy your own "perfectly imperfect" tee here so we can be twinsies!


Erika said...

Bahahaha this is such a spot-on fashion blog!! Especially the last picture. How whimsical! How clearly unposed! But cute shirt, too! ;) I like that the sleeves are long enough (and yet not three-quarters or long-sleeved). I get annoyed with cap sleeves or short short-sleeves lately (although tanks are fine. I am a lady of many confusing standards, I guess!).

the blogivers said...

I hope you'll still be my sister when your modeling career takes off!

Anonymous said...

But as Mandy the Fashion Blogger you are so natural! That last picture is the bomb. <--I'm just trying to relate to Mandy here :)

I agree with what Erika said about the sleeves. Short-ish sleeves drive me nuts. And I totally want one of those "Mom of the Year" shirts -- I'll wear it every time I pick my kids up late from school or ignore them when they're crying (about not being able to play baseball or having to wear shoes or other such nonsense).

Anna Mary said...

I so want a "Mom of the Year" shirt now that I might have to custom make one! How's that for being MotY?

Stephen Higgins said...

Great review Manders!

The Joiners said...

Great news, friends! The "Mother of the Year" shirt is now available!!

Emily said...

1. I may have to buy the mom of the year shirt because that is perfection. 2. Also your modeling is perfection. As many fashion bloggers as I follow, I can never get over the ridiculousness of the photo shoots so I extra appreciate your laughter here!

Brittnie said...

Nice work you fashionista you! But have to agree, LOVE that their shirts are long. I don't do short shirts. :)