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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


Currently I am...

Listening... to the twins playing in their room over the monitor. They have always stayed up and played after bedtime, but lately they've been staying up a solid 1.5-2 hours after we've said goodnight, so that's neat. Thankfully as I type this, Colby is playing quietly with his Transformers and Clara is "reading" a book to herself, so at least I'm not listening to the standard WWF/bowling alley sounds that I normally hear.

Eating... dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups. Dark chocolate is a great source of antioxidants and peanut butter has protein, so basically it's health food.

Drinking... water. I'm afraid this answer will never get any more exciting.

Wearing... well I'm not wearing them yet, but I just ordered these shoes from DSW and I can't wait to wear them in the Dominican Republic next month!!

(Because let's be honest, do you really want to read about how I'm wearing a t-shirt from our church's women's retreat and some cotton gaucho pants from Target that are older than my marriage, which Brian affectionately refers to as my "AWPs" (After Work Pants)?)

Feeling... challenged, but fortunately not in an overwhelmed way. I started a new position at work last week and although I don't enjoy the fact that I don't know how to answer at least half the questions I'm being asked (yet!), it has been nice to take on some new responsibilities and broaden my skillset a bit.

Wanting... someone to go pick out all new makeup for me, and then buy it, and then apply it for me each day. Is that so much to ask?

Needing... to stop eating so much Mexican food (refer to above-mentioned upcoming trip to the beach).

Thinking... about Clara's upcoming dance recital. We have pictures tonight (in costume), studio run-throughs in a couple of weeks, then the dress rehearsal, and then the recital itself. There are a lot of details for this first time (type A) dance mom to remember!!

Enjoying... having a housekeeper!! We finally hired one a few weeks ago for the first time in our marriage and even though she has only come once (she comes again today), it has been a game-changer. I still try to clean some each week, but it's comforting to know that even if I'm swamped and/or unmotivated to keep up with it all, the longest our toilets will go without being cleaned is 2 weeks. Hooray!


  1. I love "Currently..." posts. I feel your pain on the "bedtime" vs "actual time asleep" process. It's especially depressing when I'm waiting for my kids to fall asleep so that I can go to sleep. Ha!

    I love your new shoes! They're so colourful!!!

    I'll be thinking of you as you transition to a new position. Whenever I start something new I just try and hold on for about three months because I know then I'll love it and I'll know what I'm doing (which is probably why I love it!). I hate those first weeks of not knowing things.

    And I also feel your pain on the dance photos/rehearsals/recital thing. That's us this week. I had to learn to do a bun for Rachel's hair and I spent $26 on "bun accessories" to lessen my pain. I told Dave it was worth it for my mental health, but maybe I should have put that money towards a housekeeper!

  2. We really need to lobby to get a Trader Joe's in SL because their dark chocolate PB cups are the best and we would be better off having constant access to them.

    Your new shews are going to look so kewt in the DR! Are you going to bring your AWPs there, too?

    Also, glad you are paving the way for me in the dance mom world so I can be prepared when Avery starts!

  3. I'm impressed the twins are awake that long after you tuck them in and they don't try to come out of their room 500x or ask for 5.5 million things!! Camille may or may not do this . . .

    Love the shoes!!

    Congrats on the new position! You will get the hang of it and I'm sure you're the perfect one for the job!!

  4. I can't stop laughing about the AWPs. Not that they exist, but that they have a nickname. Like old friends, those AWPs!!! And yes- please say you're taking them to the Dominican with you!! I am super jealous your housekeeper comes twice a month! Ours only comes once a month but even that is just the hugest, most wonderful life improvement ever, I think. I can't wait to see all of Clara's dance pictures and videos!!!

  5. I am drinking wine and eating Reese's cups that have the pieces inside. AMAZING. Our cleaning lady only comes once a month but it is my favorite day!

  6. Yayyyyyyyyyyy for the housekeeper!!!! I do the same - maybe a little cleanup in between (esp with a little boy who had exceptionally poor toilet bowl aim) but overall I can rest assured that it will all be cleaned in time. Also "studies show" that dark chocolate snacks are incredibly healthy so there you go (I have no backup to my claim)