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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Amanda's Birthday is Today!

Hello blog friends, Brian here – long time no see!

Today is a special day. It is Amanda’s birthday! Well it’s also Allison’s birthday, but since I’m not married to her and this isn’t her blog, I’m not planning on featuring her. BUT I will say she is a wonderful sister in law and I am thankful for her, so happy birthday Allison!

The real reason I’m here is to let you know that Amanda is wonderful and should be recognized for that on her birthday. Not convinced? Let me tell you why she is so great. She is…

Attractive – well maybe you don’t care about this as much as I do, but I think she is a beautiful woman. I remember thinking so the first time I met her. She isn’t just easy on the eyes either – no, she is the total package. Smart, funny, motivated… wait I should be careful not to use up all my well-thought-out adjectives here. Let’s continue.

Motivating – if you have spent time around Amanda, then you know she can bring out the best in others. Watching her on a day to day basis makes me want to be a better husband, father, and man. She is also good at giving reasons why I and the twins should be motivated for doing things – always in a nice manner of course.

Athletic – Did you know she was the captain of her soccer team in high school? And that she won an intramural championship in college? AND that she wakes up at the crack of dawn to work out EVERY DAY before anyone else wakes up? She is athletic, in shape, and I am proud of her for that!

Nurturing – she is a wonderful mother that lives to take care of her children. She is always there to scoop up Colby & Clara if they scrape their knee, and will doctor them up with the perfect band aid, ice pack, kisses, and treats to help them feel better. She is also helping them grow as little people nurturing their curiosity and teaching them.

Dedicated –  Amanda can and will do whatever she puts her mind to. If she decides something needs to be done or wants to do something, she will move mountains to achieve her goal. She is the embodiment of diligence and accomplishment. She is dedicated to her family. I would list all the things she does on a day to day basis, but suffice it to say that without her a lot wouldn’t get done, we wouldn’t do as many fun things, and life would be way more chaotic if she wasn’t who she is.

Admire – I look to my wife as an inspiration. I alluded to this earlier, but she is an example of how I can be better. She is a good friend that remembers EVERYONE’S birthday. She is conscientious and always putting the needs of her family before her own. She is tenacious and hard working. She is dedicated to her friends and family. She is the most amazing wife I could hope for, and I am thankful.

SO I think you can see she is pretty great. You know what else would be pretty great? If you let her know you are thinking about her TODAY because it is her birthday. See you later blog friends – maybe I won’t wait so long to pop in again!


  1. Happy birthday!!!! And what a great tribute Brian!

  2. Happy Birthday Amanda!!! I hope you have a great day!

    And Brian -- this is a wonderful post about Amanda and you definitely shouldn't wait so long to pop in again.

  3. I feel weird commenting on my own blog, but I want to be sure to publicly thank Brian for this sweet tribute :) Thanks, husband!

  4. 1. Thanks for the shout-out!
    2. This post makes me a little barfy but I still applaud you for writing it and agree with all your points about her wonderfulness! (Especially the part about always motivating quietly ;)
    3. HBD to my favorite twin sis!

  5. Sweet post, Brian! I agree with everything! Amanda is pretty great! Happy Birthday!!

  6. You summed her up quite nicely. I am always in awe of how she juggles life and with such ease (at least from my point of view). Amanda is pretty great and I can't wait to celebrate her (And Allison) later!

  7. Awww, so sweet!! HBD Amanda! Don't start slacking off on the crack-of-dawn workouts now that you're almost in your mid-30s...I count on you to work out enough for both of us!!