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Monday, April 17, 2017

This post brought to you by an Easter candy-induced hangover

Seriously, I'm pretty sure the blood currently flowing through my veins is made up entirely of chocolate and sugar. And of course, the same could be said for the twins, but since they are 4 and their bodies bounce back a little more quickly, I don't think they are taking it quite as hard. 

Let's recap the weekend and associated festivities, shall we?

Last Thursday, the twins had their Easter party and egg hunt at daycare. As luck would have it, I got off work right when they were getting everything started, so I was able to join for some of it. As a full-time working mom, it's rare that this happens, so I was thankful!

Forced smiles for the obligatory morning photo shoot // lined up and waiting for the egg hunt to start // egg hunting

All 4 of us had the day off for Good Friday, most of which we spent playing with our cousins (at their new house, sniff sniff) and waiting for Franny and Pop Pop to arrive. I realize it's cliche to say this, but if every weekend lasted 3 days, I would totally be ok with it.

Checking out the presents Franny bought // sporting various bunny masks // being silly at dinner (great aunt Nancie getting in on the fun in the bottom left)

After the dads and kids hit up Rudy's for breakfast tacos on Saturday morning, we all got ourselves ready for our church's Easter Eggstravaganza. We took a few pictures before heading out, and the twins were so excited about the upcoming festivities (and promises of candy) that they almost didn't mind participating in yet another photo shoot for Mom:

We made it to the event and all of us were a little overwhelmed by the (a) heat, (b) crowds, and (c) bugs. And of course, all the twins wanted to do was jump in the bounce houses... I hate bounce houses. Nonetheless, we powered through (and spent as much time in the shade as possible) and ended up having a good time. 

Hanging with our pals // egg hunting // face-painting

After a stop for air conditioning lunch, the moms headed out for pedicures while the dads entertained the kids. We eventually all reunited and finished the evening with bike riding in the cul-de-sac and dining all fresco on our driveway. It was actually a pretty perfect, low-key evening in my book!

Documentation of Franny and Pop Pop's presence

We were all up bright and early on Sunday morning to see what the Easter bunny brought and get ready for church! The twins enjoyed eating candy at 7:15 am their loot and of course, another chance to hunt for eggs!

After brunch with Franny and Pop Pop, we bid them adieu and headed over to Brian's grandparents' house to spend the afternoon with his side of the family. The twins were excited to get more Easter goodies from Mimi and Granddaddy and (surprise!) hunt for eggs again. They loved it so much, in fact, that they convinced their adoring relatives to re-hide the eggs for them no less than half a dozen times :)

Shannon took yet another family pic for us, we snacked and caught up with the family, Brian taught Colby about basketball, and the twins roped all of us into a few rounds of hide-and seek. We headed home to get ready for the week and crash from all of the weekend fun!

We were thankful to spend so much time time with the people we love most, but even more so, we're thankful for the hope that Easter brings. Hope you all had a great time celebrating as well!


  1. You're welcome for helping making your Easter weekend so fun!

  2. You know, for someone who claims it's hard to get their children to smile, you seem to have an uncanny amount of perfect family photos. You're making the rest of us look bad!
    Also, while I didn't over-indulge in candy, I did eat too much Passover/Easter food and am still in a thanksgiving-esque coma a day later. Bleghhhhh.

  3. So fun!! I love that sneaky hiding place the twins found. Millie's are almost that sneaky, too. Sounds like a great weekend...especially the pedicure and junk food part!! :)

  4. Fun weekend and cute pictures!! Happy Easter!

  5. Your Sat night sounds perfect to me! Love nights like that . . . my fav.