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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Solo parenting

I'm almost embarrassed to admit this, but up until this past weekend, I had only stayed overnight alone with the twins once in the 4+ years that they have been alive. Brian doesn't really travel for work and although I have had a handful of short girls' trips that have kept me away for a night or two, he had never gone away on more than a day trip (I know, I know- I'm very fortunate!). 

Luckily for him, he finally got his turn to experience freedom this past weekend when he and some of the guys from our small group at church took a trip to the coast. (Side note: I'm thankful this happened when the twins were at the more manageable age of 4 rather than, say, 18 months.) 

Brian left them these coloring books as a treat for all 3 of us - entertainment for them and silence for me!

We spent Saturday morning walking (well, I walked while Clara rode her bike and Colby-I-don't-want-to-ride-my-bike-because-I-might-fall-Joiner opted to ride in the stroller), playing, and partaking in my personal favorite activity: perusing Target. The twins had one dollar bills from Pop Pop burning holes in their pockets, so after we tackled the items on my shopping list, we hit up the One Spot, where they picked out these gems:

Do y'all remember these from our childhood? We opened them as soon as we got home and it occupied the twins for a solid 45 minutes!!

Saturday afternoon, we packed up our stuff and headed over to the Olivers' house to have a sleepover, which the twins have been begging to do since they understood that sleepovers existed. After a brisk bike ride to check the mail, we headed to the park to play. I'm not kidding when I say that we encountered the ice cream man 3 different times while we were en route, so we took the hint the third time and decided to get something for the kids. Pretty sure I haven't hit up an ice cream truck in at least 20 years (... and I must say that the ice cream man's prices have drastically increased in the meantime... $3.50 for a popsicle, really?!?!). 

We met up with some other moms/kids for dinner and this was probably the point during the weekend when Brian's absence was most noticeable- apparently I don't have enough hands or patience to sanely handle dining out with two children, ha! Once we made it home, we cleaned the kids up, made one more "grow capsule", and tucked the little minions into bed. Aaaaaaand about 1.5 hours later, they finally all fell asleep. 

Meanwhile, Allison and I had fun staying up and watching the Bobby Brown special on tv, doing laundry, and complaining about heartburn... just two wild and crazy kids, aren't we?

We all went to church together on Sunday and then parted ways to head home and wait for the dads to return home. The weather was beautiful that afternoon, so once Brian was back, we spent the rest of the day playing outside- the twins got to play with some new outside toys and I didn't have to parent alone anymore, so I think it's safe to say the weekend ended on a high note!

Since I haven't done so publicly lately, now is a good time for me to tell Brian how much we appreciate him and how thankful we are to call him ours- he is indeed a keeper!


the blogivers said...

Solo parenting is not fun, but didn't you feel pretty accomplished at the end of it?? (Need to tell myself this today, as I continue solo parenting.) And thanks again for helping us pass the time all weekend!

Emily said...

45 minutes of entertainment? I need to find me some grow capsules. I think solo parenting is something that is terrifying at first but gets better the more you are forced into it. Like I solo parent from 8am through bedtime 5 days a week and now it's just the new normal.

Brittany said...

Looks like you did a great job of keeping busy while Brian was gone! I forgot about those little capsule things! Fun!!

Brittnie said...

You mean your husband didn't go on a trip to the northeast for fun when your children were age 20 months (important to note, still on a bottle and not walking) and 6 weeks???? Not that your children could be those ages at the same time but ya know, just checking. . . :)

Glad y'all had fun and survived!

Erika said...

Oooh Millie loves those capsule bath things! We find them in the good ol' Target dollar spot and stock up whenever we can, haha. But WHOA- those ice cream truck prices??! I'm going to have to stay away! I was assuming things would be like a dollar!