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Monday, April 3, 2017

Monday Photo Dump

In case you've been wondering what we've been up to lately, we've been...

meeting friends at the park...

adjusting to the time change...

going on a double mommy/daughter date to see the new "Beauty and the Beast"...

fishing at Mimi and Granddaddy's...

practicing putting safety first at all times...

overtaking Live Oak Grill with almost all of our church small group to celebrate Wade's birthday..

requesting photo opps while partaking in bedtime stalling...

hitting up the occasional birthday party...

and most importantly, counting down the days until Colby and Clara turn FOUR (in 2 short days)! Every time we tell them how many days are left until their birthday, they groan and say, "Ugh, our birthday is taking too long!", so apparently I shouldn't expect age 4 to come with an automatic (a) understanding of time or (b) patience for the twins! ;)


  1. How are Colby and Clara almost FOUR?!?!?!? I think I started reading your blog regularly when some of my other blog friends (Alison and Erika - you may know them!) were so excited because you were expecting C&C.

    Sadly, I can confirm that patience has also not hit by age 8 but an understanding of time has which makes it a little less annoying.

    Were Clara and Avery not scared at Beauty and the Beast?!?!? I was, and I'm ... ahem... a lot older than they are :)

  2. Can't believe those busy little bees are almost four!!! Although the day they were born also feels like a lifetime ago, so I guess I can.

  3. Almost 4! what are their big gift requests this year? A month leading up to his birthday Aaron wanted a Spider-Man costume (which he got) and then a few days before his birthday he saw Moana at preschool (which I wasn't thrilled about but whatever) and then started asking for a "Moana dress" lol too late, already bought Spider-Man!

  4. FOUR!!!! No way. Crazy town. We have that "Hands are not for Hitting" book that I see you guys also own...Millie just loves the front cover and trying to make her hands go around her eyes like that. When I pull the book out for some necessary life instruction, she can't get past "Hands!!! Eyes!!! Look Mama!!!"...and I'm like...let's think about some of the MORE IMPORTANT lessons in this book, lady!!! Ha.

  5. Looks like y'all have been having fun!

    The whole turning 4 thing is just insane. Still remembering visiting you on maternity leave while we ate chickfila and I tried to figure out how in the world you were nursing two babies at once, haha!