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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Colby & Clara's 4th Birthday Party

I know you are all probably tired of reading about the twins' birthday celebrations, but I couldn't not document their actual birthday party. We had it on Friday afternoon at the new Urban Air Trampoline Park, which is conveniently right around the corner from their daycare. We kept it small with their school friends (+ 2 cousins and 1 lifelong BFF), and so for a change, they actually got to play with all of their guests! Also for a change, I basically had to do nothing to prepare for this party because they supplied the food, balloons, paper goods, etc. Hooray!

We lucked out and it was not at all crowded, which is great because I don't handle crowds well in a normal setting, let alone when I'm trying to host an event. The kids jumped and played for an hour, took a break for pizza and dessert, and then played some more. There were lots of tears when it was time to leave, so I'll take that as a sign that the party was a success!

Yep, they chose donuts as their dessert of choice at a 4 pm birthday party - I fought it at first but then realized it's cheap, it's easy, and it's their favorite, so why not??

Thankful for another fun birthday party in the books and sweet friends to help celebrate! And now to wrap up all this fun, we have their 4-year check-up tomorrow. Looking forward to finding out what their stats are, but not so much looking forward to all the shots, so wish us luck!


the blogivers said...

Thanks again for treating us to a fun pre-moving weekend event! The kids (obvi) had a great time celebrating their cuzzies. Let me know how the well check goes!!

Emily said...

What a fun birthday party. My plan for next year (11 months away) is to do the local trampoline park too. Kids just love it. Also, not on topic, but you get anxious around crowds? I'm surprised by that because I think I expected Extroverts like the people aspect of it but now I'm thinking perhaps the chaos goes against our Organized / Controlling side? (And yes, I would turn a child's birthday party post into a personality analysis. I know, I'm the worst)

Brittany said...

Looks like the perfect party! Love their party outfits!

Brittnie said...

So fun. Been looking at that trampoline park and hoping to try it out soon. Clara is just now learning how to jump (with assistance) so she thinks it's super fun!