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Friday, April 7, 2017

Celebrating #4

As we did last year, Brian and I took the day off  yesterday and kept Colby and Clara home from school so we could all celebrate together. The twins seemed to enjoy themselves and though admittedly the whole day left me fairly exhausted, I was so thankful we got to spend it with them, as I know our years of being able to do this on birthdays are limited!!

We put streamers outside their door the night before and since they have been sneaking out of their room in the morning without our knowledge more often lately, I watched the monitor like a hawk that morning so that we could catch their reaction. As usual and as evidenced below, Colby was a little more cautious about the whole thing!

We took them downstairs and let them open some of their presents (bikes from us) and exchange the gifts they (sort of) picked out for each other: a Sofia watch from Colby to Clara and a Spider-man shirt from Clara to Colby! From there, we headed off to Shipley's for sprinkled donuts, aka: their favorite food of all time.

(Colby busted his lip at school on Monday and although the swelling has gone down, you can see that the bruising has not!)

After a trip to Target to unsuccessfully attempt to pick out new shoes for Colby, we headed out for the day's primary destination: the aquarium downtown. We were a little nervous upon arrival when we realized how many schools were there on field trips, but thankfully the crowds thinned out eventually. 

We hit up the carousel, took a ride on the train (where we drove into a tunnel surrounded by a shark tank, aka: the highlight of Colby's day), and rode on the ferris wheel. 

After we finished riding the rides, we went inside to check out the actual aquarium. Clara was brave enough to pet a sting ray (Colby opted out of such foolishness), we had many "Nemo" and "Dory" sightings, and we got to enjoy the new white tiger exhibit. Once we were finished, we headed upstairs to have lunch. Our table was right next to the giant fish tank, which meant the twins spent approximately 10% of the meal actually sitting down in their chairs!

After lunch, we headed back to Target (yes, twice in one day, don't judge) to let them spend a little bit of birthday money and pick out a treat. Colby picked a Transformer, which will shock no one that has spent any time around him these days, and Clara picked a Doc McStuffins diaper/hospital bag.

We then made our way back home so all of us could rest for a bit (read: tv time for the twins) and spent the afternoon playing and trying out their new bikes. Don't worry, safety enthusiasts, they wore helmets when the bikes were actually in motion! This picture was just for purposes of appeasing Mommy (and yes, I edited Colby's fat lip out of it... keep judging):

Disclaimer: Bike riding was not as magical as I expected. They lost patience almost immediately, as did Brian and I. Eventually they both got the hang of it, but it was an emotionally exhausting half hour for all 4 of us.

Thankfully, we were all rewarded soon thereafter with Mexican food at our favorite local spot with the Olivers. Colby and Clara were serenaded and given free ice cream and Brian and I both got to have a margarita, so I think it's safe to say we all left happy. (Oh, and Allison and I inadvertently matched, which is always fun!)

Once we finally finished herding cats getting the twins in bed, they were asleep almost instantly, and we weren't too far behind them! The celebrating continues this afternoon with their birthday party with their school friends and again tomorrow night with dinner with Brian's family... we sure know how to make birthdays last around here!


  1. We did Aquarium too! Must be the perfect thing for 4yo celebration. Although I am a bit confused how the white tiger fits in the aquarium theme??? Also sorry to hear bike riding was not magical, although I'm not surprised to hear that given how complex a bike is. Random note, Aaron had his 4yr checkout and one of the milestone checks was whether he knew how to pedal. Fortunately he's had enough time on his radio flyer trike that we could answer yes but I was suddenly very worried about our scooter decision (which the doc assured was absolutely fine, she just wanted to confirm that he could in fact pedal if needed). Wow this turned into an exceptionally long comment. Happy birthday Colby and Clara!

  2. You may have been exhausted, but I'm sure those little gremlins loved their day! And I expect this same level of spoiling on our birthday this year, so get ready.

  3. The Aquarium is a great idea for a birthday! I always forget it has a carousel and train etc. Random . . . do you think it would be too overwhelming for Clara? Her bday is coming up in May and I have no idea what to do. Thinking about just a family trip to a carousel or something similar. Just wasn't sure about crowd and cost and all? Guess I could just look it up. :)

    Happy 4th birthday, C and C! Hope you enjoy the celebration as long as it lasts!