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Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Playing, eating, dancing, etc.

We lucked out with some beautiful weather this past Saturday, which was perfect because Brian (and his generous dad) had some yard-work to tackle and we had a couple of events planned with the kids. The first was a birthday party for one of their friends at the park. They spent 2 hours playing with their friends and stuffing their faces with as many carbs as they could get their hands on. Seriously, Clara ate a bag of chips, a bag of Cheetos, and a bag of goldfish, followed by 3 bites of a cookie.

One memorable moment was when the time came to (attempt to) break open the pinata. The twins stood in line and once it was Clara's turn, she took a few swings and was done. Once it was Colby's turn, he was paralyzed by his shyness and covered his face and hid. This introverted child of ours is something else! Despite his unwillingness to participate in the activity, you can tell from his expression in the bottom left pic how excited he was for the candy to come out of that thing.

Once the twins were filthy and full of junk food (signs of a successful party), we took them home to clean up so Clara and Brian could get ready for the daddy/daughter dance. The local parks & recreation department apparently hosts this every year and so we decided to give it a go. All we had to do was tell Clara she could wear a new "twirling" dress and that there would be candy and she was sold!

Of course I made them take a few pictures before they left:
How cute are they??

Meanwhile, Colby and I headed out on a date of our own to meet up with the Olivers and some new neighborhood friends for dinner. I'm sure those of you that didn't already see it posted on Instagram would be shocked to learn that when I showed up, I realized Allison and I were matching.

Once Colby and I polished off our respective kid's meals (don't judge me) and after he finished playing and burying an ant pile with gravel (he is currently obsessed with destroying ant piles), we headed home to watch a few episodes of some strange cartoon about ninjas while waiting for our counterparts to come home. So basically it was his ideal evening, ha!

Brian kept Clara out an hour past curfew but because I trust him, I let it slide ;) Thankfully he indulged me in taking a few pictures of the event and made sure to fill me in on all the details. They danced, they ate, they made some new friends, and had what seemed to be a great time, despite an apparently corny DJ:

It seems like daddy/daughter dances are very popular these days, but I'm curious, are mommy/son dances a thing? I'm guessing not, because that probably wouldn't be so much fun for the son now that I think about it!


  1. Won't lie, when I saw your twinning IG post, I had no idea who was who. I knew I should know by the haircut but suddenly I blanked. Also, why aren't mommy/son dances a thing??? Why do daddies get to have all the fun?

  2. What a fun daddy/daughter dance!

  3. Glad you managed to have fun on Saturday despite our absence from your life for most of the day! Let's see if we can make our twintuition work again this Saturday with our wardrobe. Oh and now that Clara and Brian have acted as guinea pigs to make sure the daddy-daughter dance was legit, maybe Wade and Avery can join them next year!