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Friday, March 10, 2017

Five on Friday

1. We went to the Sugar Land Kite Festival last weekend with the Olivers (and ran into our other friends!). It was overcast, but super windy, which is (obviously) ideal kite-flying weather, so it worked out well. It started raining about an hour after we got home and didn't stop for a few days, so it was a good thing we took the chance to get out and about when we did!

Highlights: riding on the (free!) pirate ship ride, the bounce house obstacle course, getting "tattoons" (tattoos), and oh yeah, flying kites.

2. We had some landscaping done last week! They put in some new mulch and plants in the front flower beds, but the before/after pictures don't really do it justice so I'm not going to bother sharing them. The main reason we had the work done, however, was because our backyard was in desperate need of grass. We have a lot of tree coverage in the backyard, which is great, but doesn't allow much sunlight. When you combine that with two dogs, the result is a lot of dirt/mud where grass should be, so we had the landscapers rectify that:

A truly beautiful before/after, I know. We are diligently watering the grass to make sure it actually grows, which is why we haven't minded all the rain lately!

3. These little 11-month-olds are going to be FOUR YEARS OLD in less than a month. Hold me.

4. I have started watching this ridiculously cheesy but entertaining show on Netflix called Switched at Birth - have any of you watched it?? It's about two girls that were (duh) switched at birth that later find out about it when they're teenagers. (You may recognize the dark-haired girl from Gilmore Girls - Luke's random daughter). Anyway, if you want a mindless ABC Family show to add to your queue, you should check it out:

5. I'm starting to look around for swimsuits for our trip to the Dominican Republic this summer, so if any of you come across cute swimsuits that are cute, reasonably priced, not super revealing (#mombod), but still form-flattering, please let me know!

Here's a great option- I wouldn't even need to wear sunscreen!! ;)


  1. I haven't watched Switched at Birth, but it sounds right up my alley! New grass sounds exciting- and nerve-racking. Don't screw this up!! Hahahaha.

  2. I've DVR'ed a few movies on abc family which means I've seen 1,001 commercials for Switched at Birth and I'm totally intrigued but not enough to withstand Adam making fun of me for the whole series. If only I had a teenage daughter to blame it on!

  3. 1. Thanks for convincing us to give it another shot this year!
    2. Worth every penny.
    3. It really is hard to believe :( seems like just yesterday I was doing tummy time with them...
    4. Is this show about us?
    5. I don't think that one is modest enough. Do you want your face/hands/feet to be a stumbling block to your husband?

  4. Y'all are always so good to find the fun activities around SL! I remembering you posting about the kite festival last year and thinking, we should do that! Fail. lol.

    Our yard is a muddy mess, too. Good luck with the new grass!

    I just listened to This American Life podcast "Switched At Birth" about the two baby girls who were taken home by the wrong families after their birth in 1951. So interesting! Might need to check out this show since apparently I find the topic intriguing. :)