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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Five on Wednesday

1. These two LIVE for birthday parties. We seem to have a lot of friends that also have Spring (yes, I realize it's technically still Winter, buuuuut the high today is supposed to be 86 degrees, so I'm going to call it Spring) birthdays, which means we've been spending much of our weekend time lately attending celebrations. And they aren't sad about it.

Getting Colby to look at the camera is basically a lost cause, but hey, at least Clara's smiling!

We still haven't seen "Moana" yet, but you better believe Clara was excited to see a real princess in person!

2. Allison, Brittany, and I escaped to Austin for a quick girls' getaway this past weekend to meet up with our friend, Maryanne. We were only gone for 24 hours, but in that time, we managed to squeeze in a Mexican food outing, more than one trip to Target, more than one trip to Starbucks, a visit with a sweet friend's FOURTH baby, and lunch at Blue Baker. It briefly felt like we were back in college, minus the FaceTiming our husbands/kids part ;)

We've known Maryanne for 20 years and Brittany for 16! 

3. We went to a Super Bowl party with our small group from church and this was our contribution:

(a) Yes, I should be a food photographer.
(b) They're M&M Peanut Butter Bars and they tasted amazing.
(c) There were only 5 ingredients involved, so you need to go make yourself a batch now.

4. Colby has been battling ear infections for the past couple of weeks. In case you've paid close attention to the blog, you might recall that he got his second set of ear tubes a mere 2.5 months ago, so this has been a really special development.

PSA for the day: kids can still get ear infections while they have ear tubes.
Second PSA for the day: the world's tiniest bottle of ear drops used to treat them costs $38. Lame.

This is actually a picture of him enjoying a bowl of noodles and vegetables at the daycare's Chinese New Year celebration, but because he came down with the ear infection that same night, we can pretend this picture is relevant.

5. And in the interest of keeping twin coverage even, here is a recent picture of Clara just being Clara:

It's just too bad she has no personality.


  1. I love when you post recipes because I know they will be simple and not like "these unique spice that is only sold in 5 grocery stores in the world". Also I truly did not know kids could get ear infections with tubes. I always assumed tubes fixed that! So thank you for the education and I'm terribly terribly sorry you are battling this. (Also for the record, I love that you too struggle finding relevant photos for a subject matter. Happens to me every post).

    1. *this not these. A few months off the job and my grammar stoops to toddler level!

  2. Uhh what is your monthly birthday party gift budget?! Holy crap yall go to a lot of bday parties. Hahaha. You should also share the fun fact about ear infections with ear tubes...and how all the disgusting infection drains out of the ear like the grossest snot on earth. Or at least that's how it goes with Millie. I'm sorry he's still having infections!! You should at least get a refund on your surgery money. ;)

  3. Thanks for making me read this post. Now I want some more of those M&M bars!!!

    Also, I feel like Clara looks like me in the first pic. Maybe it's the slightly crooked smile.

  4. So glad you got a quick girl-friend getaway! Yay!

    So sorry about the ongoing ear drama. Not fun for him or YOU.

  5. Loved our little getaway! Fun times!