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Monday, February 27, 2017

Celebrating love and presidents

I've said it before and I'll say it again: I love holidays a billion times more now that we have kids. I like dressing them according to the theme and giving them festive food and picking out little presents for them and all of those other little things that are seemingly unimportant but will hopefully some day make them look back and smile.

Knowing they might not cooperate for posed pictures on Valentine's Day morning (with a very narrow window between them waking up and us having to leave for work/school), so I forced a quick photo session before church the Sunday before. 

This was the winner, but the un-cropped version... please note Iron Man's legs in the top right.

I had to share this one just because of Colby's face. His expressions are seriously amazing.

The night before Valentine's Day, Brian and Colby mysteriously disappeared for a few minutes and then returned to the house with flowers for me and Clara. Mine were a little fancier, but Clara of course didn't notice and was quite pleased to have her own flowers in her own vase to display in her room.

How cute is this sweet little guy?

On Valentine's Day, we picked up donuts for the twins for breakfast and used them as bribes to participate in another quick photo opp... it worked! 

They opened their presents while they ate breakfast (off of heart-shaped plates, of course), and then we headed off to school with their first ever "Valentime's Day" boxes (and valentines to exchange) in tow.

Once everyone made it to school/work, the morning took an eventful turn when tornadoes were spotted in the area. I got to spend some quality time with my co-workers in the stairwell while the kids obliviously took shelter at daycare. The storm thankfully passed quickly and just in time for my company's fundraiser bake sale to kick off. Allison stopped by to pick up a treat for Wade/confuse people that work with me that didn't know I had a twin:

Brian picked me up for a quick lunch date to La Madeleine and I took advantage of Instagram's "my story" filters to document the occasion:

We finished the day off with a double date with our favorite 3-year-olds at Lupe Tortilla. It was surprisingly uncrowded and there were also a decent number of other families there doing the same thing, so at least we didn't feel like we were crashing people's romantic evening out!

The following weekend was an extra long one thanks to Presidents' Day (and thanks to both mine and Brian's employers giving us the day off!). We spent lots of quality time with the Olivers as usual, including a visit to the zoo, and paid a visit to Brian's grandparents who recently moved back to the area (not pictured aside from the pics of them passed out on the drive home, sadly).

If you stare at the picture long enough, you can almost hear the chorus of forced "cheeeeeeese" sounds.

Snoozing in her shades

On Presidents' Day, it rained all. day. long., so it was the perfect day to not have to go to work or school. Brian took Colby and Davis to see the new Lego Batman movie (Wade had to work, boo), while the girls stayed home for a play date. And yes, of course Colby had to wear his costume to the theater!

Brothers from genetically-the-same mother

I know the introduction to this post probably caused you to expect pictures of the twins in patriotic attire and eating pancakes in the shape of the White House, so my apologies for disappointing and not taking Presidents' Day more seriously. I'll do my best to make up for it in a couple of weeks when St. Patrick's Day rolls around ;)


  1. Absolutely agree that holidays are way more fun with kids. Although we kind of glossed over Valentine's Day this year since our house was reeling from Vomit Fest. Your post reminded me I didn't bring out my heart-shaped Valentine's Day plates! And yes, I did sort of hope you would do a themed president's day something; I would have been highly impressed!

  2. Will you spread your festivity to my kids on St. Patrick's Day since I will not be letting anyone in my family eat or play or have fun of any kind in the house until it sells? Thanks.

  3. Bahahaha I can't wait to see those White House shaped pancakes! Do your talents know no end?! It's awesome that even as adults, you and Allison can still play tricks on people. I'm so jealous. Sigh.

  4. Okay, all I'm taking away from this post is that the next time Dave makes pancakes, I'm requesting the White House! Hahaha!!!

    And yes, holidays are way more fun/insane (!) with kids.

  5. Maybe one day I will get creative and with it enough to actually decorate and have cute little gifts for my kids and fun breakfasts on such holidays. But I guess what they don't know won't hurt them. Ha.