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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Colby & Clara-isms: Christmas edition

I know I wrote one of these posts just last month, but the twins have said and done so many amusing things surrounding Christmas that I had to compile another list to share:

When we started listening to Christmas music, there was about a one-week period where the only Christmas song Colby would allow us to play in the car without protesting was "We Wish You a Merry Christmas"... by Weezer. Not quite the Amy Grant-esque Christmas tune I'm used to! (Relatedly, he is convinced the lyrics actually say, "We wish you a very Christmas.")

Clara, while attempting to quote Santa: Ha ha ha, happy birthday! (Instead of "ho ho ho, merry Christmas")

The twins have a Fisher Price nativity set and Colby keeps referring to it as the "new-tivity."

Clara, while roaming the aisles of Target with me: Do you want to get a present for baby Jesus for his birthday?
Me: Like what?
Clara: Hmm... maybe a Transformer or a princess??

When the twins first saw the Christmas decorations around the house, Colby noticed this holly berry tree and exclaimed, "Mommy, I love your apple mountain!"

Our sweet neighbors gave Clara this toy, and every time we refer to it as a snowman, she corrects us sternly and insists that it's a bird.

Remember how Colby has a habit of adding "y" to the end of words as a term on endearment? He recently asked if he could call "Jingle Bells" (their elf), "Jingle Belly."

When the twins watched "The Polar Express" this past weekend and the movie had ended, the twins were quiet for a moment before Colby very dryly stated, "Trains are so dangerous." So glad he found a relevant takeaway!


the blogivers said...

Ha I like the last one the best! Also, I agree with Clara that the "snowman" looks more like a bird... or a donut.

Emily said...

I also thought your cranberry tree was a mini apple tree so I'm with Clara there! Also the "Jingle Belly" and "trains are dangerous" quotes are just outstanding. I personally hate the polar express movie so that would've been my takeaway too!

Emily said...

*correction, Colby thought it was mini Apple...

Terrie said...

I want to know whose stocking has the P stocking holder? I am confused!

Brittnie said...

Haha love Colby's line . . . "trains are dangerous!"