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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016

I know I'm not alone when I say that I'm currently stuck in that vortex between Christmas and New Year's Eve where I have no concept of what day it is or what I'm supposed to be doing. Nonetheless, I can't let the week pass without recapping the wonderful chaos that was our 2016 Christmas.

We kicked off the celebrating so many weeks ago I've lost count on Christmas Eve Eve. After the twins' got home from school, we made cookies for Santa and assembled reindeer food so that Rudolph and his friends wouldn't feel left out. 

Then we headed out to look at neighborhood lights with the Olivers in the brisk 75-degree weather, where the highlight for Colby was seeing a dead duck in someone's yard... boys are neat.

We kicked off Christmas Eve with breakfast and present-exchanging with the Olivers, which was a few new tradition that I hope we can continue!

Couldn't love these 4 cuties anymore if I tried!

I'm not motivated enough to turn this picture upside down, but trust me when I say she was really excited about these princesses

Ditto on this guy's love for his new remote-controlled BB-8

We spent the rest of Christmas Eve with Brian's family, complete with endless snacks, early gifts for the twins, a "made in America" gift exchange, and of course, countless attempts at pictures thanks to my always patient SIL!

My two favorite guys in matching shirts

Love these sillies

How cute is she??

And how handsome is he?? (Sorry, I can't help myself.)

After getting the twins in their jammies (and forcing another picture), we headed home to take care of the Christmas Eve necessities: sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn, setting out cookies for Santa and carrots (also for those spoiled reindeer), read about baby Jesus being born, and set up our camera to capture Santa in action.

Christmas morning with the twins went about as well as we could have hoped! They were so excited about their goodies from Santa, and since this was our first time since they were born (in our entire marriage, actually) to wake up at our own house on Christmas, we were able to take it easy and move at our own pace.

Finding their elf, Jingle Bells, one final time!

We eventually changed out of our jammies and headed over to Brian's parents' house to open more presents (we were so spoiled, as always!) and spend the day with his extended family. 

Brian enjoying his new virtual reality glasses

Group selfie, thanks to Shannon's selfie stick!

Brian and I spent the evening trying to make room for all of the new STUFF while the twins bounced off the walls in their room for a solid two hours after bedtime. I wouldn't say it was a calm and peaceful Christmas ending, but a typical one at least :)

My parents came to visit for the next couple of days after Christmas, where we were showered with more generous gifts (and food)! I guess I was tired of picture-taking because I don't have much to document our time together besides this shot of the cousins before opening their presents from Franny & Pop Pop:

So yes, it was a very merry Christmas (marathon) indeed- hope yours were equally merry!


the blogivers said...

I need an Aunt Shannon to come take good pics of my kids at our extended family gatherings!

Brittany said...

So many wonderful pictures of what looks to be a wonderful Christmas! I love the one of Clara and Brian with their noses together. I also love your black shirt that you wore on Christmas Eve!

Emily said...

Ah yes the joy of spending Christmas morning in your own house! We simulated a faux Christmas the week before where we got a glimpse of that wonderfulness but, per usual, the actual day was spent in a hotel. Boo.

Brittnie said...

You got some great pictures!!

And I totally made Brandon help me rearrange/declutter after bringing home all the new toys (first world problem for sure). At one point he goes "Do I need to pour you some wine because you are kind of losing your mind here." Note to self - do that before Christmas next year.