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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

All's well that ends with cookies

Do you want to hear a funny joke? Ok here goes:

I took a vacation day on Friday to get a few things done, but also to have some time to myself. HA HA HA. That's the joke. Hysterical, right?

I'm sure many of you read my rant on facebook, so I won't repeat it, but suffice it to say it wasn't the semi-leisurely day I expected. In keeping with that theme, we dropped the twins off at school that morning looking like this:

Festively dressed and ready for their Christmas program that afternoon 

However, when it was time for them to join their class and make their debut on "stage" for the program, imagine my surprise to see them looking like this:

Is she happy? Yes. But is she also wearing an Easter shirt that's one size too small, a pair of shorts, and her shoes on the wrong feet? Also yes.

A few seconds later, out pops Colby, sporting a back-up pair of athletic pants and, yes, also his one-size-too small Easter shirt.

Apparently both of the twins had accidents that day, and their backup clothes happen to be shirts from last Easter (one less item I had to label because their names were already on the front, duh). I certainly didn't expect them to be Christmas program attire.

Here's where you chime in with all of the "at least they matched!" and "kids don't care what they're wearing anyway" comments. And you're correct. But I care what they're wearing and I was truthfully disappointed. Nonetheless, the program was fine. They didn't sing and Colby spent the majority of the performance turned around facing the wall, but that was not really a surprise to anyone.

After the show was done, I loaded them up into Brian's parents' car and sent them on their way (hallelujah!) while the Olivers and I met up with Brian in town for a Christmas dinner date at Cyclone Anaya's

We somewhat inadvertently consumed "jumbo" margaritas and therefore some points of the evening were a bit dicey for this lightweight, but all in all we had a great time (as we always do with our partners in crime). 

After dinner, we drove around River Oaks to try and guess how much they had to pay people to decorate look at the lights

Brian and I spent the night at Hotel Sorella and after breakfast and a couple of errands the next morning, we picked up the rugrats and headed back home for the day. The very, very long day. Clara was not feeling great (ear infection that won't die) and spent the day in a very fragile state. It was irritating and sad all at the same time.


We did cut out paper snowflakes and watch "The Polar Express," so at least there was some festivity incorporated in our otherwise uneventful day at home.

We woke up to a 40-degree drop in temperature on Sunday morning and though it made it hard to get moving and out the door to church, I will not complain because this is what the week before Christmas is supposed to feel like!

We ducked out of church early to attend a birthday party, aka: the twins' favorite pastime, in case you weren't already aware;

From there, I was off to co-host the 7th annual cookie exchange with two of my sweet friends! 

Mine are the ones on the bottom left (recipe here)

And with that, our final weekend before Christmas was complete. Looking forward to a short work week ahead and then ELEVEN days off of work! Oh, right, and celebrating the birth of Jesus - that is obviously at the top of the list :) 


  1. I totally understand the accident clothing switch disappointment. When I was working and if we had people to see after daycare pickup, I'd actually pack a spare set of nice clothes in my bag in the event he had an accident (or got extra messy at lunch, as that was always an option too). Of course most of the times I packed the spare clothes he was fine and the times I forgot was when he'd been in the spare clothes of sweats and some ugly shirt! Can't win!!!

  2. You know I would have been annoyed about the wardrobe change too, but props to you for playing it cool (at least externally) while we were there! And one day when the 4 of them are teenagers, maybe we can lay around all weekend doing nothing... until then, we'll just hang on for dear life.

  3. How thoughtful of Colby to coordinate his accident so that he was still coordinating with Clara! That will be something you laugh about in a few years... ;) Glad you and Brian got a fun night out!

  4. I always laugh at what I send Clara in and what she comes home in. . . I ALWAYS have to pack back up clothes if we have somewhere to be after school and aren't coming home. Ha!

    Sad I missed the cookie exchange. I will have to come back next year to defend my 2015 win!