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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Another Thanksgiving is behind us, and as usual, we had much to be thankful for! We joined my family in Dallas to celebrate turkey day and as usual, chaos ensued and lots of food was consumed. Before diving into a recap, I have to give the twins props because they did a great job on both the drive there and back. 4+ hours with minimal whining and, miraculously, no stops for potty breaks? Children after my own always-in-a-hurry heart.

This is my only picture from Wednesday, but Allison and I took a kid-free trip to Target with our dad and we educated him about the idea that not taking a picture of an activity basically means it didn't happen.

Thanksgiving day was spent playing at the park...

... jumping in the leaves...

... lounging around the house...

... posing for pictures...

... hanging out by the chiminea... 

... and although not pictured, eating a lot of food with 20+ family members, followed by watching the Aggies pitifully play a football game. 

We spent Saturday eating leftovers and generally taking it easy ("easy" being a very relative term when 4 children between the ages of 3-5 are involved). It's important to note that I did convince my mom to buy 3 bags of Boom Chicka Pop holiday flavors, and I need you all to stop what you're doing right now and go buy them for yourself.
(1) dark chocolaty sea salt (yes)
(2) white chocolate & peppermint (yes)
(3) frosted sugar cookie (yes)

Before hitting the road on Saturday, we joined the same family members from Thanksgiving (plus some more) for a 90th birthday lunch for my grandmother. Hard to believe what started out as her and my late grandfather has now turned into a family of 30+ people... also hard to believe someone is 90 years old and looks this good, am I right?!

Mom Brown + grandkids (minus my brother in Utah!)

Mom Brown + great grandkids (love those 3 scheming behind her)

Time for another family pic

And just like that, we were on the road again. One of the little ones slept...

... and one not so much:

And now that I've had a couple of days to recover from Thanksgiving, I'm officially looking forward to the fun ahead with another Christmas season with the twins!

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Emily said...

4 hours with minimal whining and no potty breaks?!?! Magic!!!! We have a 4 hour car ride for Christmas (4 hours Christmas Eve and 4 hours back Christmas Day) and I'm dreading it more than anything else this holiday season. Ughhhhhhhhh