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Monday, November 28, 2016

Santa Visit 2016

Soooo we definitely paid Santa a visit early this year (2 weeks before Thanksgiving), but just like last year, I stand by our decision because:

1. No line
2. Happy Santa that was not yet tired of children
3. No line

We actually went two days after Colby got his tonsils out, so we were relying heavily on his pain meds to make him cooperate (parents of the year, I know!). It was touch and go with him, but in the end he pulled through with a smile. 

Clara surprised us all by running up to give Santa a hug as soon as she saw him, and then later declaring, "him is my best friend!" Funny, Clara, because your pictures with him from 2014 and 2015 would not suggest as much.

Practice pic before meeting the Big Guy

This was a great contender, but in the end, this one was the winner:

1. Smiles!!
2. Who are these giant children and what did they do with my babies?!

I was admittedly a little disappointed that we didn't get another classic crying picture, but it was nice to get a picture that didn't make me feel like we were torturing our children.

After they were finished, Clara told Santa she wanted a house for Christmas. Lest he call child welfare services or nominate us for one of those home makeover shows, I quickly clarified that she was talking about a doll house. Then Colby followed it up by saying he wanted two houses, which is not even remotely true, so once again I had to make something up so Santa wouldn't be confused.

Here's a collage to show the twins' progressive relationship with Santa:
Top left: 2013; Top right: 2014; Bottom left: 2015; Bottom right: 2016

Sweet babies, please don't grow up any faster! Also, please continue humoring me with Santa pictures until you leave for college.


the blogivers said...

I can't believe you went to see Santa so early! So embarrassing.

Emily said...

2014 is def the best. Clara's outstretched arms really convey the terror much more than 2015. I would say I'm disappointed that they weren't crying this year, except the picture is just so darn sweet!

Erika said...

Hahahah!! These pics are all so great. I love Colby's cheesy smile this year!

Brittany said...

These are all so great! I think you should make them reenact 2014 every year until they are in college. ;)

Brittnie said...

I'm gonna guess that Camille's reaction this year will be just like the twins in 2014. Because drama.