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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween superlatives

Halloween 2016 finally died came and went and as expected, the twins loved every bit of it, from their parade and party at school to trick-or-treating and every bite of candy in between. I'll recap with some of the day's superlatives

Sweetest moment: Watching these two (blue/yellow in the middle) giggling at each other amidst the daycare crowd during their parade.

Tastiest moment: Tie between my department's annual Halloween potluck breakfast (I brought these easy chocolate chip pumpkin muffins, like I do every year!) and dinner at Freebirds with the Olivers

Strangest moment: The kids knocked on one door and a lady opened it and said, "Oops, sorry, I don't have any candy!" Um, then maybe don't answer the door on Halloween...?

Cutest moment: After leaving each house, the would yell to us, "Look! We got candy!" as if it was a surprise each time it happened. Oh, and also listening to them yell, "THANK YOU! HAPPY HAWOWEEN!" as they ran away from each house.

Funniest moment: The kids got to a house that had a gate in front of the porch. Upon finding out the gate was locked, Colby turned around and yelled to us, "Hey! We need a key!" Good call, bud, let's just make our way in. 

Proudest moment: Colby was standing at the back of the group of kids waiting for candy and Clara, sweet little mama that she is, put her arm around him, gently pushed him forward, and made sure he got some candy, too.

Most frustrating moment: Realizing once we got home that we lost Clara's "Belle" wand... surprisingly, I was more upset about it than she was (she suggested that a monster probably got it).

Candy break midway through the evening... these eager beavers sure did work up an appetite!

Once we left the last house, Clara leaned her head on my shoulder and said, "Mommy, I'm tired. Halloween is too long for me." Preach, preacher.

Hope your pumpkin day was equally exciting!


the blogivers said...

Halloween was too long for me, Clara! I am still recovering. Thanks for celebrating another fun holiday with us!

Brittnie said...

So you mean your kids didn't say "I don't like that one!!" when a kind, older woman offered them candy??? My children would never do that either, just asking for a friend.

Brittany said...

Yay for a happy Halloween! I am laughing about the lady answering her door without candy… ha! Chris and I are guilty of being scrooges a couple of years in our pre-kid days, but we most certainly didn't answer the door! :)

Emily said...

I have to imagine that every year you post these muffins and every year I swear I will make them and don't. THIS IS THE YEAR!
Also love the Halloween recap. Kids say the cutest things when getting their loot. Aaron and his cousin kept trying to out-do each other with ridiculous sayings like: "good job giving candy!" And "see you next year for more candy" despite how many thousands of times we rehearsed "thank you! Happy Halloween!" Oh, kids!