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Monday, November 21, 2016

Bouncing back

We're now 11 days into Colby's tonsillectomy recovery and while he hasn't been physically uncomfortable in several days (that we're aware of), I would say he is still not 100% back to normal. He has been fairly irritable and has spent a decent amount of time whining, losing his temper over the tiniest things, being rude, and generally testing our patience. I know what you're thinking- isn't that standard 3-year-old behavior? Why yes, yes it is; but it seems to be at an exaggerated level for him at the moment so we're hoping this is not his new normal.

All that to say, his continued recovery hasn't slowed him down one bit, so thankfully we've been able to squeeze in some fun amidst work, daycare, and managing temper tantrums. 

Colby and Avery got to go on a lunch date with Allison and my mom when she was staying with him last Monday- we haven't informed Clara of this because I'm fairly certain she would die of jealousy.

On Wednesday night, we headed out to the opening night of Zoo Lights with some friends. This was our first visit and although it's admittedly harder to keep up with two 3-year-olds at the zoo in the dark than in daylight, we had a great time! We were warned in advance that we wouldn't see many actual animals and that the lights were the focus. We tried to prepare the twins for that, but it didn't stop them from asking 700 times where the animals were and when we were going to see them. Fun times.

I'm sure it will shock none of you to learn that Colby wasn't interested in stopping to take pictures, but at least my little shadow was up for a few! (Also, on a more shallow note: why is my face always so shiny no matter what changes I make in my skincare/makeup routine?!)

3/4 ain't bad

It was fun having one of the few open exhibits mostly all to ourselves!

On Friday, the twins had their annual Thanksgiving program/dinner at daycare. As I shared on facebook, they opted only to participate in the dinner portion and not so much the performance portion:

Clara, hiding like a turtle in her turkey costume

Colby, looking as disinterested as possible and making as unphotogenic an expression as possible

But hey, at least the food was good!

On Saturday, Brian joined Wade and Davis for a trip to College Station to watch the Aggies play. The twins and I held down the fort at home and thankfully had perfect (albeit a little chilly, but you will definitely not hear me complaining about that!) weather at our disposal.

Making leaf turkeys with Avery

Agreeing to take a picture with a candy bribe (story of our lives)

Joining me on a stroll

Our sweet neighbor invited the kids over to pick oranges and lemons off their trees- I was so impressed with everything they were growing in their backyard. Pretty much all we have in our backyard is dog poop.

Though not pictured, we spent Saturday evening enjoying our first fire in the fireplace, making s'mores, and putting up the Christmas tree. We gave the twins each a new ornament to put on the tree and in less than 24 hours, they had already broken one of them. Can't wait to see what the fate is of the rest of the ornaments once we put them up!

I also didn't photograph much of Sunday, but it involved a morning full of church and an afternoon full of birthday parties. I did manage to capture this cute girl's outfit, of which I was totally jealous:

We're all looking forward to a short work week and celebrating Thanksgiving with family. In the meantime, can everyone please pray for my patience with both of my little turkeys, lest I offer them up to the highest bidder on Black Friday? I promise to do the same for the rest of you :)


the blogivers said...

Praying we are both pleasantly surprised by our children's behavior (and health) this week!

Emily said...

"Monster stage" - that's what I call it when Aaron goes through a phase like Colby is in. I know everything says when they are like this, they need extra hugs and love, but um yeah, what I'd often like is a refund policy.

stephnachia said...

So funny I didn't see your kids in the production. The turtle shell was really effective! Lol

On a side note, your face doesn't look shiny in pics, it looks dewy, which they make make up to achieve that exact look! Any make up that has a shimmer to it, is supposed to give you that young youthful glow and you have it naturally. Own it. Flaunt it. Be proud!

Natasha said...

I also want Clara's Sunday outfit. It's adorable! But it probably wouldn't look that way on me :)

And, I'm sorry to be the voice of doom, but I'm also tempted to put Rachel up for sale/ask for a refund. Sadly, this fall and five are sending us all over the edge.

I will pray that Colby is back to his normal (less melty down self) soon. And in the meantime, we can go insane together.