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Monday, November 14, 2016

Adventures in tonsillectomy recovery

As most of you know from Facebook/Instagram, Colby went in on Thursday to have his tonsils taken out and a second round of ear tubes put in. When I found out on Wednesday that his procedure wasn't scheduled until 10:30 am, I began to panic- how was I supposed to convince a 3.5-year-old that he wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything for that long in the morning?!

We let him stay up late the night before so he could have an extra snack after dinner in hopes of filling him up, which means Clara also got to stay up late and have an extra snack- this expectation for equal treatment proved to be a recurring theme throughout this process. They woke up around 7 that morning and we took Clara to school before heading to the surgery center, which thankfully meant she got to eat her breakfast there without Colby having to watch!

Carb-loading Preparing for the next morning

Contemplating life en route to the surgery center

Once we arrived, Colby had a great time playing in the waiting room/pre-op room and apparently I worried for no reason because he didn't ask about food or water at all! Before we knew it, it was time for him to head into surgery, and it calmed my anxious mama heart when he willingly went back with the nurse without any tears... although he later told us that he was scared when they put the mask on him and that he was crying because he wanted to go home :(

Having a terrible time

He was loving this guitar and when I asked him what song he was playing for me, he said "Stitches" (he clearly knows how much his mommy loves teeny bopper music) 

Less than 45 minutes later, we were called back into recovery where we awkwardly watched him sleep alongside the nurse. Do you make small talk in that situation or just stare at the sleeping child together in silence or what? I chose small talk because my extroversion knows no bounds.

Once he woke up, he was groggy and kept crying that he wanted to go home. Once they finally cleared us to leave, we buckled our grumpy guy into the car and headed home. For the rest of the day, he was either sleeping or crying, and often the tears were silent, which was about the saddest thing ever. Getting him to swallow even the smallest sips of juice (let alone his small personal pharmacy full of medicines) was a battle and he was generally pretty miserable. It was a big relief when he went right to sleep that night and didn't make a peep until the next morning.

I was taking this picture because I thought it was cute that he was holding his beloved "Teddy" - then I saw the look on his face :( 

Not happy about life

He was not a happy camper when he woke up on Friday, but about an hour after taking his pain meds, he perked up and was actually in a pretty decent mood the rest of the day. His diet consisted solely of apple sauce, ice cream, and juice, so you could say it was his ideal day.

"Hmm, maybe this isn't so terrible after all?"

Clara had been at school again all day so it was nice for us to be able to focus on taking care of him, but you could tell they missed each other because as soon as she got home, they didn't leave each other's sides and Colby said more words to her in the 2 hours before bedtime than he had said to us the whole day. We finished the day with a fro-yo outing, which thankfully fit his dietary restrictions quite perfectly.

I call this, "No Yogurt Left Behind"

Saturday was similar in that he was not happy when he woke up, but settled down once the medicine kicked in. Having Clara home all day was a bit more challenging as he was watching her eat things he couldn't have, including the giant bucket of popcorn at the "Trolls" movie. Although he was surprisingly understanding about it, he was over it by the day's end and had a meltdown at dinner about not getting to eat an actual meal. Thankfully, he eventually realized that having a milkshake for "dinner" was not the worst alternative.

Sunday was more of the same, but after so many days of togetherness (and it becoming clear that he was starting to take advantage of the coddling/pitying), we were all excited to have my mom come into town last night so she could stay with him today and part of tomorrow while Brian and I go to work. Thankfully he is mostly himself, minus the ability to eat completely normally, but it's safe to say we are all ready to get back into our normal routine soon.

Thanks to those of you that have been praying for his procedure and recovery, and for checking in on him- it's always nice to know people care!


Emily said...

What a brave boy! I'm so impressed he held it together at the hospital and then was [generally] good natured about his food restrictions. I think it's so adorable that he missed Clara so much. Your surgery stories give me hope that when Oliver has ear tubes (no ear infections yet, but I know it's coming someday), that he won't be the hysteria mess that Aaron was post-surgery

the blogivers said...

I'm glad it has been mostly smooth sailing so far (and praying it will continue to be that way for the next few days)! Also, I hope Clara becomes FLOTUS one day (or maybe even POTUS) so she can put "No Yogurt Left Behind" into action.

Katy said...

Sounds like he is doing a great job! I'm glad things are going so smoothly!

Allena said...

It's so hard when they are hurting and you can't do anything about it! Trent had his adenoids out a few years ago and he was crying so much in recovery (anesthesia kind of messes him up) but then had a great first day of recovery. Then day 2 was when fever and pain hit - so hard on everyone! Luckily kids are such troopers and can usually come through everything! Glad he is getting better and getting grandma loving today!

Brittnie said...

So glad he is doing well and that survived the worst of it. What a brave boy!!

Natasha said...

I'm glad to hear that things are slowly getting back to normal. I can't imagine what a tough few days you have had. I'm saying many prayers that this journey will be over soon and that you can all get back to eating ice cream and milkshakes for fun as opposed to for healing reasons.

Erika said...

Aww, poor sweet buddy!! I'm glad he's on the mend, and I hope he starts fully appreciating how awesome an all-icecream diet is!! Also, the No Yogurt Left Behind picture is amaaaazing. Get it, girl!