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Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween goes on forever, and the sugar never ends

I don't think I was adequately prepared for the fact that when you have children, each holiday or special event is basically a marathon. I feel like we have been celebrating Halloween for at least the past 8 million days. At least. BUT I do love all things festive, so even though it leaves me feeling over-sugared, overstimulated, and overwhelmed, I press onward. 

Last week was actually off to an interesting start as Colby came down with a stomach bug on Tuesday. He threw up when we picked them up from school and as sad as I was for him, I was so relieved that (a) he didn't miss school pictures that morning and (b) he did it before we got in the car. I'm a loving and caring mom, I know.

He was feeling 100% better the next morning, but had to stay home from school nonetheless, so Brian and I took shifts staying with him. I decided to take advantage of the unexpected free afternoon and took him with me to vote... or as he understood it, to see "the boat."

I asked him if I should vote for Hillary or Donald and he responded, "Donald... Duck"- not a terrible suggestion given the options.

Clara had dance class that night and they got to wear their costumes, which pleased her to no end; however, as soon as we got there, she insisted she was "so tired" and didn't want to go to dance class anymore. After bribes of candy gentle coercing, I convinced her to participate, and thankfully she eventually gave in. 

Thursday brought another full day, as we had parent/teacher conferences for the twins, an ENT appointment for Colby (during which we found out he has to have another round of tubes and a tonsillectomy, boo!), and the family Halloween party at my grandparents' assisted living home.

There was dinner, candy, treats from Jean Mom & Roy, and a cake walk during which both of the twins won dessert, so it's safe to say they enjoyed themselves!

How cute are these little lanterns my grandparents gave them for trick-or-treating??

On Friday (yes, I'm sorry, this is still going), we hit up Brian's office for trick-or-treating. We've gone to this every year and it's always fun for Brian to show off the twins (who actually spoke to people this year) and as a bonus, they always hand out the best candy, upon which I later apply a very significant mom tax :)

Belle, a Financial Analyst dressed for casual Friday, and Batman

My parents arrived in town late that afternoon, so we headed out for Mexican food on the patio, which is basically my love language.

The only picture I got, sadly

Saturday started off with soccer (which, if we're being honest, we're all pretty much over at this point). All 4 of the girls on the team were protesting playing this time, so at least Clara was in cute company.

That evening, we celebrated cousin Avery's 3rd birthday with a princess-themed family birthday dinner... yet another excuse for the kids to dress up, stuff their faces, and sweat a lot.

Colby totally looks like Allison here!!

Clara, Avery, Colby, and Pop Pop, all very much engrossed in "Frozen" :)

And finally, on Sunday, we took it easy after Franny & Pop Pop left that morning before attending our church's "Scare-Free Fest" that afternoon. 

Because they needed more sugar, obviously!

Why the sad face, Batman? Maybe because it was 150 degrees outside.

Phew, are you tired yet? Batman and Belle were exhausted when they went to bed last night, but I'm pretty confident they'll have no trouble rallying for today's excitement. Happy Halloween, everyone! And to all you other parents of little ones out there, hang in there- the marathon is almost over (... until next time)!


the blogivers said...

Really, when you write it all out in one post, it does sound pretty absurd how much celebrating we "have" to do for each holiday! Now that Halloween is actually here, I am already kind of over it, sadly. Oh well, I will press on in the name of more candy!

Erika said...

Man, you guys don't quit!! I love your hair curly/wavy in the voting picture, by the way!! Millie isn't into wearing her costumes, but the bribe of treats usually works pretty quickly for her, too!

Nelson Bartley said...

No sweetie, I hate to tell you it isn't almost over. Halloween is the beginning of candy season which starts mid October and goes straight through Easter. From now until then there will ALWAYS be candy in the house whether you want it there or not. So either sugared up kids or sugared up parents.
Obviously Clara is a trendsetter. Soon the whole soccer team will be on a strike.
And love the pics of the peeps with their sweet that they got to spend that time together.

Allena said...

I am a mean mom and don't want my kiddos to have that much junk so I just don't have us participate in much stuff, ha. My husband pretty much hates all holidays, so he is fine with that, too! We did go to the Fall Festival at our kids' school last weekend, but since it's a low/no sugar school, there wasn't a ton of junk - yay! Do I just sound like the worst mom ever or what?!

Brittnie said...

Mom tax . . . I like that! Mom tax will be enforced tonight at approximately 8pm. :)

Brittany said...

Fun month for the Joiner kids! I love November because it feels like we get a break from cramming in a million festive activities in October and again in December.

Emily said...

AMEN on the 8 million days of Halloween celebration. Last year he talked about his costume for a month but this year it was scary songs and scary ghosts and questions about witches, skeletons... OMG I'M DONE. I've never been so relieved for that holiday to pass. High five to surviving it!

On another note, second round of ear tunes??? Did the first fall out? I didn't know there was such a thing as a second round.

Emily said...

*tubes, not tunes. Siri autocorrect fail.