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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Five on Wednesday

That's a thing, right? Too bad if it isn't.

1. This article is not tactfully titled ("She's Not an A-hole, She's Just a 3-Year-Old"), but it is accurately titled, and relatable.

"When in my threenager's company, I rarely go more than several minutes without encountering her dark side. She is constantly sobbing over some injustice. . . It's as though she lives in a constant state of PMS and has just found out that chocolate is now illegal and her favorite soap opera has been canceled. I contemplate crushing up some mood stabilizers and sneaking it into her yogurt tube.

But then I remember: she's not chemically unbalanced. She's just a 3-year-old."

2. Speaking of that threenager, a friend gave her some Princess Jasmine jammies this week and she was pretty darn pumped about the whole thing:

 3. Meanwhile, her brother, who is admittedly going through a slighter sweeter phase at the moment stopped in the middle of eating dinner last night and asked, "Mommy, can you marry me?" And of course I said yes... how could I not?

4. Another mom article I have to share: "5 Reasons I 'Lose It' With My Kids". Somehow thinking of my children as "little goal-blockers" seems a little less harsh than the alternative suggested in item #1 above!

5. Do any of you remember Baby Dinosaur? A couple of years ago, he dropped out of elementary school. He briefly worked at a local dry cleaning business after that, but decided that the boss was abusive and quit. So in recent years, he's just been living the life of leisure, mostly driving around in a van full of squirrels. All until a couple of days ago when he took up a new job as a pizza deliveryman. So far, he has a 50/50 track record of pizzas consumed vs. pizzas delivered. His target goal is to get to 70/30 by the end of his first month.

And also, yes, we are still that strange.


  1. I don't have time to read those articles this morning but maybe I'll go back to them later - or maybe I just need to bookmark them for when Avery is in the thick of threenagerdom! Also, way to go, BD, on leaving the life of leisure behind you and attempting to be responsible. Feel free to deliver a pizza to me soon for free!

  2. Bahaha glad to know BD is still alive and well! And that you guys haven't become normal and boring... ;) So sweet that Colby wants to marry you!! Does that make you a cougar?? You should definitely remind him about this dream/goal of his when he's in middle school or so. Preferably in front of his friends.

  3. Both fantastic articles. I also lose it the most over blocked goals. I love me a well planned day so when Oliver takes an unusually short nap or Aaron decides to throw a tantrum, i die inside knowing my plans are fouled