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Thursday, October 20, 2016

A break from the routine

Last weekend, I joined 39 other women from our church at a retreat in Crystal Beach. I wouldn't say it was a relaxing getaway (sleeping in a room full of bunk beds kind of prevents any quality rest, sadly!), but I will say that I left feeling more connected both to the friends I already knew along with a few dozen new ones. It's also nice to spend time with people that aren't in your exact same season of life every now and again, so that brought a refreshing change in perspective. It was also nice to get a change in scenery and spend a little time by the ocean- another activity that always gives me a change in perspective!

Allison and I were in charge of the Games Committee - I think that's because our spiritual gifts include being silly and bossing people around.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch in the suburbs, Brian graciously held down the fort with the twins, and even obliged my repeated requests for photographic proof of life evidence of the fun they were having! (But seriously, he is the best dad and handled it like a champ and without a single complaint, which is the exact opposite of how I probably would have handled it!)

Clara opted to hang out in the tent and eat snacks with friends instead of actually participating in the game. Sigh.

But this guy actually got out and played!

Clara and Avery catching up after the game, or as Brian captioned the picture, "Girlfriends Talk Show"

I am thankful to report that we all 4 finally seem to have recovered from last weekend's activities... just in time for the coming weekend to begin. A "cold" (I use that term loosely) front is headed our way this afternoon, so perhaps we will not spend this one drenched in sweat? One can dream...


the blogivers said...

One important thought: I wonder if they let Clara drink that Gatorade on my couch? Good thing it was red, too!

Erika said...

Sounds fun! Well, the beach part. I kind of hate "retreats," so I don't know if that part actually sounds fun, but I'm down with the beach. Hahaha. Clara seems to be following in my illustrious sports footsteps. I played softball for exactly one season (second grade) because I was jealous of my brother always getting snacks after his sports games. I took dance lessons for a hundred years and we NEVER got snacks after a lesson! That season of softball, though...Little Debbie heaven. I still remember it fondly. Hated softball, loved the snacks.

Emily said...

I'm with Clara. Running around in the hot sun after a ball OR sitting in the shade eating food with friends... Is this even a question? OBVIOUSLY she chose the correct one!

Laura said...

Amanda, I laughed about the photographic evidence and not handling things without complaining - same here!! LOL. Glad you got to get away. The twins are adorbs.

Brittnie said...

Glad you could getaway . . . sometimes even if not my ideal "vacation," it's nice to just not have childcare duties. No-one asking for food, drinks, needing diapers, baths, etc!