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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Wishful thinking

Friends, brace yourselves, because Fall is coming! It might be crawling our way at a snail's pace, but before we know it, we won't be sweating before the sun comes up. Sometimes you just have to fake it until you make it, however, so while we wait for it to officially arrive, you can find me perusing my Fall Pinterest board, obsessively checking the weather forecast to see if cooler weather is in store, and dressing my children in Halloween jammies somewhat prematurely:

I cannot properly convey the level of enthusiasm Colby displayed once he learned his jack-o-lantern glowed in the dark! 

We also let the twins pick out their costumes this weekend (thank you, Costco) and even let them try them on while we were playing at our friends' house, but I'm not going to share those pictures yet so as not to spoil the surprise come Halloween time. I will tell you that for the first time, their costumes sadly will not be coordinated.

In other news, we hit up the zoo on Saturday and although the humidity was still approximately 300%, the milder weather and slightly smaller crowds made this one of our more enjoyable zoo trips to date.

The zoo currently has a temporary dinosaur exhibit, and I was surprised by how scared the twins were by the whole thing. Kind of amusing that robotic dinosaurs scared them but being 10 feet away from a living and breathing lion/gorilla/rhinoceros gave them no qualms whatsoever! We did bribe them with fruit snacks to each get out and take a picture with the dinosaurs they deemed less terrifying, but you better believe they weren't willing to get any closer than that.

Thankfully, the passes we bought to the dino exhibit included unlimited carousel rides as well, and since their favorite part of the zoo experience is getting to select which animals to ride, they were quite pleased with this. Here's Clara riding a bear and Colby riding what he refers to as a "vulture"- ha!

... and some more photo opps...

Love this pic but apparently I forgot to tell y'all that Clara lost one of her legs. It wasn't blog-worthy, so don't worry about it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go find someone to make this for me and tell me it's ok to eat it for breakfast:


the blogivers said...

I bought pumpkin spice Hershey's kisses at Target yesterday, so I am also faking it until fall makes it!

Brittany said...

Permission granted: It's totally okay to eat that for breakfast! Also, love the Halloween jams!

Allena said...

Drew wore a Halloween shirt to school today that one of her grandmas bought her. Definitely enjoying the unseasonably cool 90s we've been having the last few weeks, ha!

Brittnie said...

We got the Clara and Camille's Halloween costumes at Costco as well!

And yes, totally ready for fall!! Love me some pumpkin spice anything and everything!

Emily said...

I cannot stop laughing at Clara's missing leg. Next time dress her in a pink tutu so she looks like a flamingo on one leg. Still dying!