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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

What we've been up to

So in case you've been wondering what we've been up to, let me tell you:

Slumber partying on the floor (them, not us, because we value our sleep)

Eating donuts

And for some of us, begrudgingly eating donuts when Mommy had the audacity to select the wrong topping.

Eating copious amounts of Mexican food (standard), and ensuring all tortilla chips are properly salted 

Receiving what I can only assume are intended to be satirical crafts from the twins' Sunday School teachers

Baking in the nude

Having lots of pretend birthday parties

Ensuring no Blue Bell Cookie Two Step ice cream is left behind

Enjoying a Labor Day weekend visit from Franny and Pop Pop (and reading this strange book 800 times)

Shopping with cousin Avery and Aunt Peekie (Mommy & Franny not pictured)

Eating cake pops with cousin Avery (aka: Gene Simmons)

Cheering on the Aggies with our cousins

Enjoying brunch on the patio at Live Oak Grill

Participating in photo opps with Franny and Pop Pop (... with bribes of lemonade)

Did I mention hanging out with cousin Avery?

Checking out new parks

And bossing each other around at new parks 

Playing in the rain

Introducing the twins to Sonic's happy hour

Buying new books at Half Price Books

Impressive that Brian and I aren't in any of the pictures, right? I assure you that we were present. Highlights for us were the start of football season for Brian and for me, the night during which I got carded when I ordered a marg and discovered a new gray hair on my head an hour later.

Enjoy the short work week, everyone!


the blogivers said...

Oops, sorry for being the one to "help" you discover that gray hair... also, I think I'll just take 1/3 of this post and cut and paste it for my own blog since I can't seem to make myself write anything these days. Thanks for hanging with us most of the weekend (and letting us take over your house)!

Erika said...

You should mail that ungrateful child's doughnut to me. I would never eat one BEGRUDGINGLY. For shame!!!! Anyway, glad things are otherwise going well! ;) Love Clara & Avery's A&M dresses! It's tough having to rebuild a toddler's gameday wardrobe every year...yet another situation that could be solved by freezing them in time!

Brittnie said...

Looks like lots of fun has been going down at the Joiner house! Did you enjoy the brunch at Live Oak Grill? We have gone for dinner/lunch but never brunch!

Allena said...

I need to know where the nickname 'Aunt Peekie' comes from, ha!

Brittany said...

So many sweet pictures, as usual! Love Avery and Clara's popsicle shoes!!

Emily said...

"I can control myself." Dying. Absolutely dying. I don't think you can give those out until well after teenage years!