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Monday, September 19, 2016

Stomach bugged

So. This was basically our weekend:

The weekend started innocently enough. In fact, Brian took a vacation day on Friday and we went out to lunch and did a little shopping sans children, so I would even say it started off pretty well. But during dinner that evening, Clara started saying her tummy hurt, and given that that 5 of their classmates had stayed home sick with a stomach bug earlier in the week, we were both pretty sure about what was in store.

Here they are, playing happily and not yet giving any indication of what was to come...

Sure enough, Clara kicked off Vomit Fest 2016 around 8:30 pm that night (or as Colby put it, she "hiccuped all over her bed"... he later asked me why I didn't take any pictures of it?!). The fun continued until about 4:30 am on Saturday morning, at which point I turned "Sofia the First" on TV in hopes that she would fall back asleep. This was a very incorrect assumption.

Asleep on a bed of towels on our bedroom floor... she has since asked several times to sleep on our floor again because it was "so soft"

When I told her she wouldn't get to play in their first soccer game that morning, she sobbed uncontrollably and insisted she was still going to play. About 10 minutes before it was time to leave, I finally convinced her that staying home and watching TV with me would be a much better idea. Unfortunately, I apparently also convinced Colby of the same and as a result, he was NOT excited to have to go to the game instead.

His cooperative spirit continued for the duration of the morning, wherein he refused to participate in practice or the game itself. One of the moms shared this gem of a team picture with me... please turn your focus to the far left:

There had been lots of tears from 3/4 of the family (I'll let you guess which one of us didn't cry) by the time naptime arrived, so it was a huge relief for all involved when the twins actually - gasp - SLEPT during naptime... Clara for a solid 2.5 hours!

The day ended relatively well with a win for the Aggies and a movie + stickers (courtesy of my thoughtful sis) for the littlest members of the family:

... but if we're being honest, the real highlight for me was my 9+ hours of uninterrupted sleep that night!

We continued to hunker down on Sunday in an effort to contain our germs and get some extra rest. I was amused that Clara selected this outfit as her relaxation attire:

We did pay a visit to Mimi and Granddaddy (after being assured that they didn't mind our germs), which provided a much-needed change in scenery for all of us. 

Although we spent the day laying low, it was clear that both of the twins were worn out from the weekend's "excitement" by the time bedtime rolled around last night... and Brian and I weren't exactly bouncing off the walls with energy ourselves.

I'm bummed that the weekend was a bit of a bust, BUT thankful that we still got to go on our shopping trip and that we didn't have to worry about missing work to take care of the little sicky. Praying for a healthier week ahead and for a more successful round of soccer next weekend ;) 


Laura Darling said...

What a major bummer! Colby's reaction at the game is hilarious! I hope everyone is nice and healthy this week!

the blogivers said...

I'm glad Mimi and Granddaddy embraced you and your cooties on Sunday to give you some interaction with the outside world. But yes, I'm also praying for a healthier week ahead and a better outcome next Saturday morning!

Brittnie said...

So sorry! Sickness is never fun on anyone and yes, being cooped up for a few days gets old. I will be praying that none of y'all get it and that this week is full of health and lots of sleep!

stephnachia said...

:-(. I hate those things! Glad Clara is on the mend and the rest of y'all haven't caught it yet.

I'm still waiting for Rannon to catch it. Ellie had a recurrence Friday night (2 days after having it) where she "hiccuped" all over the floor in MOD pizza, 3 big hiccups. Poor girl tried to make it to the bathroom.

I hope the rest of y'all stay healthy!! This bug sucks!!

On a side note, Rannon said Clara is his best friend. :-)

Emily said...

Oh Vomit Fest! I've had all sorts of lovely sicknesses including mono and whooping cough and I still maintain the 24-hour stomach bug is worst of all. I do appreciate the makeshift towel beds!

Erika said...

Oh my goodness, that first photo collage is the most pitiful thing ever!! So sad! We need like 40 happy pictures to make up for it. ;) Glad she is feeling better...and glad your floor is SO SOFT. Too bad you wasted all that money buying her a bed!

Courtney Squillante said...

Ugh! I swear that bug has hit all over Texas! Glad everyone is better!