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Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekending* in Austin

*Using "weekend" as a verb makes me feel fancy... sort of like "we've been weekending in the Hamptons since I was a child." And this recap is exactly like that, except instead of spending a luxurious weekend in the Hamptons, we drove to Austin and crammed 8 people into a 2-bedroom apartment and hardly showered while we were there.


I never know how to answer people when they ask where I'm from. Of course, in the immediate sense, I'm from Sugar Land, or as I more commonly tell people that aren't from around here, "I live in the Houston area."

But if they ask where I grew up, it's really a two-part answer. I lived in Dallas until I was 13, and then moved to Austin, which I considered to be where I was "from"... until my parents then moved back to Dallas when I was 29. Now that my parents don't live in Austin anymore, it seems weird to say that I'm from there, but obviously it's not like those years I spent living there don't count. 

All that to say, we haven't gotten back to Austin much in recent years, so a visit was long overdue. We joined the Olivers for a quick weekend getaway and squeezed in as much as we could with a short timeframe and 4 small children in tow.

Allison beat me to the punch with recapping (as usual), so feel free to go read that here

We headed that way last Friday and made it in time for lunch at Blue Baker, complete with a delicious BLT and 4 very hyperactive children.

Thankfully our plans for the afternoon involved said hyperactive children releasing some energy at Hop N Happy. The twins loved it, and so did we because it wasn't very crowded, didn't cost too much, and did not involve spending any time in the disgusting 100+ degree weather. Hooray!

Blue-eyed brothers from genetically-the-same-mothers

After some visits (yes, multiple) to Trader Joe's (Why do we not have one in Sugar Land? I need more cookie butter products in my life.) and Target, we "rested" at the apartment and let the cousins enjoy doing cousin things, like alternating playing with fighting. 

One amusing item to note: we had been talking to the twins about how we were going to Austin, and Colby apparently thought Austin was a person we were going to visit. All weekend, he referred to the apartment as "Austin's house," and kept asking where Austin was, and more importantly, where were all of his toys? Ha!

The dads went on solo duty for the evening while Allison and I caught up with a few high school friends at a really tasty restaurant that actually reminded me a lot of the places we ate in Charleston! Memories were relived - good and bad - and queso was consumed, aka: my ideal evening. 

There's no one like '01, baby!

We spent Saturday visiting with some other friends and frolicking in the apartment complex pool. And by "frolicking," I mean that I avoided actually getting into the pool and supervised from dry land instead.

Hanging out with the Trapps Destroying the Trapps' house, one toy box at a time :)

Remember my friend, Kaimey, that I blogged about? The two cuties on the right are her twinkies, Harper & Hudson!

We finished off the evening with dinner at Hula Hut (my favorite!), which was admittedly infinitely more stressful with children in tow. There are so many distractions (giant fake fish! water! people!) and keeping the children alive kind of killed my buzz, but the pipeline enchilada was still delicious and the tortilla chips were still plentiful, so there was that.

We also followed this outing up with cookie butter ice cream from Trader Joe's (see question above), bedtime for the little ones, and more Olympics-watching for the big ones.

On Sunday morning, we headed out to the Thinkery, which I had heard a lot about and was excited to introduce the twins to. They were not exactly cooperative, but they sure had fun!

We stopped for lunch on our way out of town and then made our way home, much to the twins' dismay. As is always the case when we travel with the Olivers, we enjoyed our quick trip to "Austin's house," and hope to make it back again before another 2 years pass by!


the blogivers said...

Thanks again for joining us! Also, neither of us pointed out how well our children slept in the 2-bedroom apartment... we should be giving ourselves more props for that.

Emily said...

I adore the "Austin's house" perspective from Colby. It's the cutest.
Also Aaron has the same captain America shirt. Not surprising since I bought it at target (and assume you did too) for a superhero party this weekend but (overthinking mom here) I was struggling to figure out what shorts it goes with and realized looking at your pictures that we have no gray shorts. We've got lots of pattern, black, light blue, and white. No basic gray. Do I go buy a pair of gray shorts? Or if I'm buying should I just get red because it'll bring out the red in the logo? And why the hell am I rambling about this ridiculous topic in my comments????

Nelson Bartley said...

Austin used to have the same confusion when I would say "I need to go to Michael's." He was always disappointed when we ended up at the craft store and not his friend Michael's house.

Brittnie said...

Love that pic of Clara and Davis in the chair together!

I remember being on texts and email chains with Kaime back in the day!!

Brittnie said...

Kaimey :)

Erika said...

Austin's house looks like a blast!! I don't know how you stay out of the water when it's that hot outside, though. Ain't nothing sexy about me sweating next to a pool. ;)

Brittany said...

Sounds like a great getaway packed full of fun! How nice and convenient to have the apartment to stay in!

Allena said...

I think the ONLY thing I've ever eaten at Hula Hut (besides other appetizers) is the pipeline enchilada. YUM! looks like a great weekend!