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Monday, August 8, 2016

Life lately, as dictated by my iPhone

We've been busy doing the same old, same old around these parts with some anniversary-celebrating thrown in the mix. As usual, it's easier to let my phone do the talking:

How cute (and resourceful) are these future astronauts? JK, twins, you're never allowed to travel to space because I've watched too many movies where that didn't end well.

We are failing miserably at the battle to keep the twins from getting out of their beds. At least I've gotten over the initial panic I felt when I would scan the room with the video monitor and not be able to see one of them- now I know to assume they're under the bed!

And speaking of bedtime, Colby is obsessed with their storybook Bible and there have been several nights when we've found him asleep like this, with the Bible open on his pillow next to him. It's almost as if he poses it that way so when we find it, we can't be upset about all of the bedtime shenanigans he pulled. 

2 years later, we finally picked out a new chandelier that for the dining room- here's the before/after (and shout out to Brian for uninstalling the old one and installing the new one!)

Brian and I celebrated our 9th anniversary last week! We kicked off the day with an (early) breakfast outing with the twins, Brian brought me these pretty flowers at work, and then we finished off the evening with dinner at Perry's and dessert at The Middle Spoon. Resulting food coma not pictured. Thanks to Wade & Allison for babysitting!

We had a second anniversary celebration of sorts on Saturday night when we headed out to watch the Astros play (preceded by a delicious dinner at El Tiempo). Baseball is not really my thing, but I will not turn down the opportunity to go out on the town sans children (and thanks to the in-laws for wrangling said children that night)!

Colby kept putting this pot on his head at the Olivers' house and referring to himself as "Pot-ty Boy"... guess that's better than "Pot Head"?

It has come to our attention that very few people realize we own not one, but two dogs, so this picture is proof that Noah and Buster still exist. This is also proof that we regularly very occasionally take them on walks.

Oh, iPhone, what would I ever do without you documenting my family's entire life? And oh, readers, what would you ever do without me sharing all of said documentation with you?


the blogivers said...

Ha, the last picture is sadly my favorite of the bunch only because of the conversation yesterday that led to it!

Brittnie said...

Colby looks so cute with his Bible on his pillow!

How was Middle Spoon? Always love a good dessert option!

Erika said...

Oh, the sad, sad plight of dogs in a house of long-awaited babies...Lola knows that the struggle is real. I love your new chandelier! And your tales of the twins' bedtime shenanigans confirm my decision to keep Millie in her crib until she's 17.

Emily said...

Those bedtime shenanigans are adorable. I particularly love Clara's expression from under the bed. I realize I'm surprised Aaron has never done this!