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Monday, August 1, 2016

Girl stuff

Since Colby got the spotlight last week, it's only fair that Clara gets her turn this week. Let me start by saying that she has given us her fair share of sass in recent weeks, most notably when Brian asked her to do something and she yelled back, "GET OUT OF MY FACE!" Oh, hey there, future 14-year-old Clara, you are terrifying.

I also recently asked her if she wanted apple or peach slices with her lunch and she responded with, "I don't like apples today. I want a waffle." Always paving her own way, that one (and once again, not a clue where she got it). 

And then there was the time she randomly announced from the back seat, "I don't want you to leave me at school anymore. I need you to stay with me. Sometimes I cry all day for you because I need you." Another heartwarming working mom moment for sure.

Emotional dumping and all, she is indeed a girly girl. And she's had two recent opportunities to really embrace that characteristic:

1. Going to her first all-girl birthday party

Her friend, Georgia Kate, had a baby doll themed party the weekend before last and as soon as I told her about it, she did not stop talking about getting to go! She also made sure that Colby was very clear about the fact that he would not be joining her... sisters are sweet.

She had unsurprisingly opted out of her nap that day, so she and her baby doll snuck in some Zs on the way to the party.

We actually brought two baby dolls because I had a feeling she was going to want the bigger one for some of the "activities," and I was right! 

These two cute cousins were loving every bit of it

Decorating their "diaper bags"

Terrible attempt at a pic of Clara and Avery with the sweet birthday girl

2. Getting ready for "dance class"
A few of Clara's friends at school started taking dance lessons this past year and it wasn't long before Clara started asking me if she could go to "dance class," too. Once Fall registration opened, we got her signed up, and after many months of waiting, we are now just two weeks away from her first class!

Allison helped me pick out her clothes the other night and after school on Friday, she insisted on trying everything on. 

I already posted this one on Instagram, but seriously, I was dying from the cuteness and the sweetness and also the sadness that she looks way too grown up here.

Not to worry, the sappiness didn't last long because she soon busted out her signature "cheese" face for the camera- framer!

I sent the top picture to my mom and sisters, to which one of them responded that it looked just like me when I was little. Allison then dug up this picture of us at a recital at around the same age:

Allison on the left; me on the right... alternatively known as COLBY on the left and CLARA on the right. See what I mean?:

Genetics are pretty crazy, right?

Anyway, I will be sure to update you all on how her first class goes (... and on whether or not the excitement carries her through the duration of the school year). 


  1. Makes me happy that we can do these girly things with them now that they are getting older! Excited to see the tiny dancer in action soon!

  2. The resemblance between Allison and Colby is pretty crazy! Clara looks so sweet in her ballet attire! I can't wait to hear how it goes! Also, the birthday girl looks thrilled in the picture of the three of them. ;)

  3. What a cute idea for a girly bday party! Will have to remember that!

    Let me know how dance class goes. Camille has been SO into dancing lately, so I'm wondering if dance might be in her future??

  4. First of all, emotional dumping.... Lol lol oh my. So many emotions! Secondly, that Clara/Colby comparison to you and Allison is WHOA WOW. How have you never shown this before? Or have I missed it??? Amazing!

  5. That dance outfit...ALL THE HEART EYES. And the baby doll party looks so perfect!! Millie would love that. Also, she would steal all of the stuff and say "MINE!!!"...but she would love it.