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Friday, August 26, 2016

Five on Friday

(This is my weak attempt to overcome what I fear is permanent blog writer's block.)

1. We have been watching "The Night Of" on HBO and I am hooked. It's an 8-part mini-series about a murder in NYC, so basically it's super light-hearted and uplifting. Anyway, the last episode is on Sunday and I honestly don't know if I can wait another 48 hours to find out how it ends. In the meantime, I'm distracting myself with "Friends" re-runs and currently remembering how painful it was waiting for Rachel and Ross to get together.

2. Clara has had her first 2 dance lessons and she seems to really be enjoying it so far! I don't know why, but it legitimately surprises me to see her following the teacher's directions... wait, I do know why- it's because she acts more like a honey badger at home and is known to respond to our instructions with phrases like, "Stop talking," and "Don't say that to me. You know better."

Nonetheless, she has a great time and loves to watch herself in the mirror and laugh while she's doing whatever moves the teacher asks them to do. And even more so, she loves getting stickers at the end- the motivational powers of stickers never cease to amaze me!

3. Why is it that the act of sticking his hands in his pockets suddenly makes him look 2 years older to me?!

Good thing I have pictures like this from the same day to remind me that he is still very much a little boy :)

4. I posted a #tbt picture of my 2nd grade school picture on Instagram yesterday and a friend pointed out that I looked like Punky Brewster. I mean, I have to admit I can see it! Maybe she was mine and Allison's long lost triplet?

5. We made these pumpkin muffins with greek yogurt for the twins for breakfast this week and they were a big hit! This is exciting because (a) last time I sent them to school with homemade muffins, they matter-of-factly informed me that they threw them in the trash, and (b) BAKING ANYTHING WITH PUMPKIN IN IT MEANS IT'S BASICALLY FALL. It's true, if you bake something with pumpkin, it's as if the 95+ degree temperatures and mugginess don't even exist. You should try it.


Emily said...

I've become such a chicken that the very idea of a murder miniseries is terrifying.
Also I think you are crazy to make pumpkin muffins this early, but since there are Halloween decorations out at Home Depot, you are in good company. Also I'm trying these muffins!

the blogivers said...

1. Maybe I will give in and watch it once the trauma of school starting and potty training have has faded.
2. I was wondering when you'd finally blog about dance!
3. Don't let him out his hands in his pockets anymore because suddenly he will be in kindergarten where kids will try to cut him with scissors :(
4. What do you think Punky's middle name would have been as our triplet? Rane? Sane? Zane?
5. Why didn't you share one with me?!

Erika said...

"Don't say that to me. You know better."?!?!?!??!! HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA omg Clara wins the sassypants award for life. Millie humbly admits defeat. Have you watched Stranger Things yet on Netflix? It can fill the hole in your heart after you finish the murder series.

Brittnie said...

Love the pic of Colby with his little hands in his pockets!

Hope y'all had a good weekend!

Brittany said...

I'm so glad Clara is enjoying dance so far! Yay! And I love the hands in pockets picture! Such a cutie!