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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


It's true: we are currently the proud parents of not one, but two threenagers. But it's safe to say that one of the twins is earning the title a little more than the other at the moment:

Here he is, fighting me to the death about eating those THREE roasted sweet potato pieces. He asked me to cover that one piece in ketchup, and when I obliged, he responded dryly with, "I can still see orange on it."

Allow me to share with you some other recent examples that have made my heart swell with pride...

This past week, he started telling us, "You can't tell me what to do." Oh really? Because actually we can.

Yesterday, when I asked him not to dig his fork into the table, he responded with, "I do what I want."

Also yesterday, when Brian said, "Colby, it's time to get out of the bath," he responded with, "You need to ask nicely."

Along with the sass, he has also unfortunately been hitting and BITING Clara. Thankfully (?), his threenager rage has only been directed at her so far and not at his friends/classmates, but we still aren't exactly pleased that he's made her his target (nor is she).

I keep reminding myself that it's only a phase, and, that much like I had to tell myself repeatedly in the fussy newborn days, this too shall pass. But in my weaker moments, I worry that this temperament shift is permanent and that we are failing miserably as disciplinarians and as parents. Ah, mom guilt, you're always around when I need you the most, aren't you?

Nonetheless, in order to remind myself and the world that my sweet little boy hasn't completely disappeared, I'll close with a few of the cute things he's said/done lately that haven't made my head spin in circles:

On the way to the school the other morning, he randomly asked, "Mommy, does Jesus make rainbows?" I said, "Yes, buddy, he does!" He thought for a moment and then asked, "What does he make them with?" (... at which point I asked Daddy to answer).

He refers to firefighters as "fighter fighters."

He refers to "tunnels" as "turnels" and is constantly requesting that we drive through them (basically going under an overpass).

He refers to his raft as his "kid." I have no idea why, but I love it. At the pool, he likes to put on his floaties, get inside his raft, and then proudly declare, "I'm swimming all by myself!"

He pronounces the 'l' sound with a 'w' sound, so when we ask him to say "lizards and wizards," it comes out as "wizards and wizards," but he seems sincerely convinced that he's pronouncing them as two entirely different words.

When we were visiting Dallas, it took him a while to warm back up to my older sister. At one point, he saw her sitting by my dad and asked, "Who's Pop Pop's friend?" Oh, don't worry, bud, that's just your AUNT.

Colby Wayne, you have been a bit on the challenging side lately, to put it mildly, but we sure do love you so. And also, you're really lucky that you're so cute ;)


the blogivers said...

I remember having many conversations with people about Davis at age 3, fretting that he had permanently turned into a brat and would never be sweet again. They assured me it wasn't true and they were right, so take heart - as frustrating as the phase is, it really is a phase!

Erika said...

Ahahaha...these are pretty funny to the people not actually experiencing them. ;) Maybe Millie should head over to play with them. She will keep the law and order between C&C..."NO BITE!!!!!" is never far from her lips. (She's not always great at obeying her own advice, but she's VERY adamant that others should!)

Emily said...

Yes. Oh my yes. The grumpy misery of the threenager. When people are like: "isn't this a wonderful age?" I'm like: "clearly you have amnesia." But then again, some people just thrive in this age group. It's not us though. Hellllll to the no.

Brittnie said...

So what I hear you saying is that parenting doesn't get any easier as they get older???? :) I'm sorry he has been a handful. That is so hard! I will be praying for this phase to end quickly and for your patience in the process.

Klein Dot Co said...

Lol! Yes!! Love the term "threenager" :)

Brittany said...

He sure is a cute threenager though! :)