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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Important* thoughts

*Not necessarily true

Phew, now that the catch-up posts are finished and we've all had some time to catch our breath from those riveting updates, let's move on to more important issues:

1. I need recommendations for a facial moisturizer. I've been using this one from Neutrogena for the past several months:

... but the most recent bottle I bought smells like nose bleeds (strange metallic smell, if you're wondering what that smell is like). It's so bad that I submitted a complaint on their website, but it's not so bad that I've stopped using it because yes, I am that averse to wasting things, especially things I spent money on.

So if you have any great recommendations that (a) work well, (b) aren't super expensive, and (c) don't smell like nose bleeds, please do share.

2. I'm eating this avocado egg salad for lunch this week and highly recommend it. Full disclosure: I did not use curry or fenugreek powder, so I can't vouch for how either would impact the taste.

3. Our beloved Summer Infant video baby monitor broke last week. Though we now have a functioning replacement ($190 later...), the whole thing ended up being a bit of ordeal and I thought it would be beneficial to share with you some of the things I learned:
   (1) The Summer Infant brand has crappy customer service. They also have no interest in being helpful when you have a discontinued model. And lastly, their cameras only work with one corresponding type of model, so if you ever have to replace one, you have to replace the other.

   (2) Do not use the website, unless you are ok with paying for an item and then being shipped a different item including a sloppily handwritten note that says, "I ran out of [model you ordered] but this is a good set. No wifi. Thanks."

   (3) An appropriate manner to cope with your frustration with the replacement process is not to lock yourself in your bedroom and declare that you hate everyone and everything. (Let's just say this did not come at the right time of the month.)

4. In happier news, the twins spent a couple of nights with Brian's parents last week and we got a mini-break as a result! While they were busy having fun with/exhausting Mimi and Granddaddy, we participated in exciting activities such as:
- eating dinner out on a weeknight AFTER 7 pm
- going on a triple date, complete with Mexican food, s'mores, and a round of Cards Against Humanity
- staying up to watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon live for the first time ever (...ok, staying up to watch the first 30 minutes of Late Night)
- "sleeping in" until 7:45 am, going for a walk at the park, and eating breakfast out

C&C treating Granddaddy like their personal entertainment/jungle gym

5. There's no real purpose in sharing this picture, but it's my right as a mommy blogger to needlessly share pictures of my children, so enjoy:


  1. 1. That's the exact same one I use, so I got nothin' for you.
    2. Yum! I guess it's not getting too brown?
    3. Have you gotten the bonanza money back yet?
    4. Free family babysitters for the win!
    5. It must have been Amphibian (or Reptile?) Day for C & C on Saturday!

  2. I combine regular Lubriderm ($6-$7 for a big bottle) with a dab of CeraVe face sunscreen. Easy, inexpensive and doesn't irritate my super-sensitive skin.

  3. I have super jacked up skin (acne, eczema, the beginning of psoriasis...) and the only moisturizer my dermatologist will "let" me use is Cetaphil Oil Control moisturizer. It has a purple lid and says "derma control" on the top. It's in the same price range as the one you use!

  4. I have fallen in love with Mary Kay skin care. The moisturizer isn't cheap, but not super pricey either. ($20?)
    Yay for having 2 kid free nights! I had one this weekend and considered making it 2. It was MUCH NEEDED.
    Sorry about the monitor �� being an adult is lame.

  5. Bonanza did WHAT?! That's absolutely hysterical (only because it didn't happen to me). When we decided we wanted a second camera for our [discontinued] video monitor, we bought the replacement off eBay and I was pleasantly surprised with their selection. Ironically, we paid $40 for a second camera for a nursery that Oliver has never slept in. So joke's on us!

  6. I use CeraVe Am/PM moisturizing lotion and love it. I'll send ya a pic! Thanks for a fun night out last week. Brandon came home hurting cause of all the laughing, but at least it lifted his spirits!! :)

  7. I just realized that I totally committed a blog friend felony. I basically copied your whole idea for a blog post by sharing my random thoughts, or in my case, observations. Eek! I apologize for the error and will try to keep my posts more original in the future! :)

    *rookie mistake*

  8. All hilariously written (I need the laughing/crying emoji). Try Cetaphil - inexpensive and so mild

  9. Here's the two daily products I use. I have really tried to clean up my products in the last few years so these don't have a lot of junk in them.

    Jason Age Renewal Vitamin E Creme:

    Kiss My Face Face Factor Natural Sunscreen SPF 30 Sunblock for Face and Neck:

  10. I have been scarred for life imagining this moisturizer that smells like nosebleeds, and I'm even more concerned that you continue to use it despite recognizing the vile smell. EWWWW. I'm of no use, though, because I still don't use any kind of moisturizer on the reg, so no great recommendations for you.